Iran - catalyst for global crisis?

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Absolutely, and this showed me that it is a religious and political problem. It is not logical to do this. These people could do their protests in a different way, do them with words all around the world. Go through all the legal paths that exist. If they present their complaint to the world in a logical and rational manner it would be much more effective.

If there is no real solution unless there is divine intervention I have no idea what the world should do. Are there any videos giving the position from the other side?

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Now please read this.

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Humanity has used words and languages and meanings since we learned to talk to gain an advantage. I am not surprised. And I do not know what to do about it.

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Now back to oil-rich Iran whose leaders see nuclear, hostile and resource-poor Israel, with the full support of the US and its allies, as a key player in the new order being imposed upon the Near East. Why would they not seek a nuclear deterrent? Try to ignore the bias in this otherwise informative article.

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From who?

The article has a lot of true statements and a lot of misunderstood ideas.

Because all countries have people and some of those people are in positions of authority one could write a similar, but different, article about them.

We are all a bunch of tribes and thankfully we are renewed every 140 years or so and each renewal has a whole new set of toys (technology) to play with.

There is really nothing an individual can do to manage all these tribes. They each have their own goals and beliefs and intelligence.

Relax, go to the movies, write a book. All this will pass.

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My grandmother used to say in the 1930s, she later told us, that Hitler was a passing phase. She was right. But …

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Perhaps it is we are dealing with irrational minds? If you offer people help but they do not understand it as help or they cannot see the problems they have as a “problem.” then help will not be seen as help. Perhaps their next generation will be better tuned in to the real world?

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The current generation of peoples living in the Ottoman lands are keenly tuned in and are not seeing the offered help as helpful. Iran and Turkey are the leading states in the region. Egypt’s population is one quarter of each of these and Israel’s is half of Egypt’s.

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You describe the players as in a board game. They need to see the world from a different perspective, they need to see it as I do. Then they will better understand the errors in their thinking. Obvious to me and to all who understand.

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Perhaps, but in the meatime the passing phase wreaks its damage.

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See how a mindless river damaged the ground?

You can not prevent those who are not rational from messing with their foundations.

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Erosion is a very apt metaphor for the current process relating to Iran - a gradual wearing down which episodically results in much larger events. Geologic erosion can be diverted. Can political erosion also be diverted?

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Exposing what is underneath the surface is a good idea. Iran has a lot to keep hidden. Not good things I think.

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This is your bias which you share with many in the West.