Is Extinction Rebellion so woke it’ll eat itself?

(Izzy Arcoleo) #1

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Since launching in the UK in 2018, Extinction Rebellion (XR) has been hitting the headlines all over the world. Internationally, the XR network is asking: Governments be more honest, publicly acknowledging a state of climate emergency Governments take immediate action to stop rapid biodiversity loss, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions Citizens get involved in decision-making…

(Bob Copeland) #2

Species come & species go. The three stages are denial, panic & acceptance. At the present moment, our species is in the denial stage. Unfortunately, we, as a species have nowhere to go or more directly the means to get there & survive.

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(Barry McCormack) #4

This appears to me to be yet another example where people are rallying together to complain and vent their frustrations at people in power for things like global warming, power imbalance and wealth inequalities between the sexes and races. Well intentioned protests sure but short sighted in my opinion.
Protests on their own will not fix these problems. They raise awareness and sometimes anger but they’re not the answer.
Sharing knowledge about how everyone can create their own personal passive income would eventually allow each individual to change over from fossil fuel use for power to sustainable systems like solar, wind and battery power storage. Only when everyone can afford to do this will there be significant change. Closing coal mines before supplying alternatives isn’t progress if it causes hardship.
It’s easy to piss people off by complaining and fighting for a cause but the serious ones will get into conversations and take serious constructive steps to actually make physical cooperative change. Amen to that.

(Bill Ames) #5

Two to three hundred years from now science will have provided the tools to manage any excess of gas in the atmosphere. As no one alive today will be alive then there is no point in worrying about it. Look back three hundred years, how many people then do you think anticipated what you have today? Right, none. Can you imagine what the world will be like three hundred years from now? I do not think so. Stop worrying about that which you have no control, it is wasted time, just live a good life, do no harm and all will solve itself.

(Mark's Myth) #6

“The dawn of the twenty-first century has witnessed two remarkable developments in our history: the appearance of systemic problems that are genuinely global in scope, and the growth of a worldwide movement that is determined to heal the wounds of the earth with the force of passion, dedication, and collective intelligence and wisdom. Across the planet groups ranging from neighbourhood associations to well-funded international organizations are confronting issues like the destruction of the environment, the abuses of free-market fundamentalism, social justice, and the loss of indigenous cultures. They share no orthodoxy or unifying ideology; they follow no single charismatic leader; they remain supple enough to coalesce easily into large networks to achieve their goals. While they are mostly unrecognized by politicians and the media, they are bringing about what may one day be judged the single most profound transformation of human society.”

— Paul Hawken, Blessed Unrest