Is introverted intuition helpful or harmful?

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As a growing number of people turn to online self-help content as a way to reorder their lives, certain ways of understanding or reshaping your own identity are flowing in and out of popularity. At the moment, the idea of ‘introverted intuition’ (Ni) is the subject of lots of attention, particularly on social media. But…

(Jesuis Laplume) #2

As a guided writer, I learned what this article provides as quite good advice. We are all growing, or sliding back further into chaotic patterns taught to us so that others could control us, but we have a responsibility to resist any sort of preaching; others can help us better questions, but our answers will always be our answers. In all of my books, and in some of my posts, I suggest to readers that:

"It is not only your Right, but your responsibility,
to take from what is offered to you,
only those things that make you a better You.
What those are should be between you and your maker; no one else!*

None of us are supposed to be clones of other, more perfect, beings; but only to grow into becoming the best us that we can become!

Anything that is used to keep us stuck is bad advice. So thanks for this article!

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(Bill Ames) #4

By the time you become an adult, usually when you have completed your education and have started working, you are who will ever be, this is true because it is statistically valid. Additional changes happen as you include a family, growth at your profession, but still you.

The only way to change is to do something different. Change professions, make a hobby your new business, get rich, get into politics or religion. All of these things will change you.

You will also have an opportunity to change if you change your circle of friends and make new connections. Yes, it is not easy, that is why most never do it. You are the only person that can change you. All the books and videos will never actually cause a change; only you can do that. If you are creative, then create a new life for yourself?