Is it possible to be successful in this world without doing it by the labor of others?

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Continuing the discussion from Trying to juggle the needs of the many without disturbing the few, very difficult:

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(ACD) #2

I bought the hotel in 2012 and was inteoduced to fhe Kushi Institute in 2014.

(Bill Ames) #3

This one?

Which hotel?

(ACD) #4

Yes, this is it. They were on their last legs. The hotel in the Tilghman Island Inn.

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(ACD) #6

Yes This is the new owner. Tim Green.

(Bill Ames) #7

And the page says summer of 2019. Is it there yet?

(ACD) #8

No. Tim underestimated the size of this project in my opinion. The hotel is right next to the bay and there is lots of weather and wildlife there.

(Bill Ames) #9

You bought this property in 2012?
You are Tim Green?
You are not Tim, so what is your connection to the Hotel?

You do not have to talk about the Hotel, I am just interested.

I did find an interesting place on the web that I have watched (and recorded) for many days.

(ACD) #10

No. I am not Tim Green. Yes, I bought the hotel over a two-year period which began in 2012. Tim bought the hotel last year.

(Bill Ames) #11

What can we talk about with respect to the Hotel? Did you run it as a Hotel?
Your call.

(ACD) #12

I did, for four years, when I was living on the bay during those summers. It was not viable as a business.

(Bill Ames) #13

Now that sounds like a movie. Was it an adventure, drama, romance, fantasy or comedy?

(ACD) #14

All of the above. I was taking care of my parents at a crucial turning point for them.

(Bill Ames) #15

Does the movie have an acceptable ending?

(ACD) #16

Yes, excellent ending.

(Bill Ames) #17

I have a business idea for a place like that, location does not look all that good. Interested?

(ACD) #18

The location is ideal, an environmental wonderland.

(Bill Ames) #19

What is the definition of a good location for a restaurant?

(ACD) #20

It is a great location for a restaurant but that was the least pleasant and most time-consuming aspect of the business.