Is it possible to be successful in this world without doing it by the labor of others?

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I do not know what that means. Location is just a physical thing. How can a location be time consuming and unpleasant? Not being nosy, I just do not understand.

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It was very difficult to find worthwhile staff. In four years, I was unable to find anyone who could and would take inventory. It was a constant headache fighting sloppy business practice and dishonesty. The restaurant, in particular, was a black hole.

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This is very interesting. I have no idea how to run a restaurant. I did gain a lot of insight by watching Ratatouille the movie.

The need for inventory seems obvious when I realize that I do this every time I make my grocery list each week. My goodness, that must be a critical task in your business.

The need to hire competent workers is, again beyond any experience I have had. Except. My ex-son-in-law was a pastry chef, and I can, after some thought, totally relate to your problems now that I think about it, my sympathy.

So, you sold this black hole to someone, is this the end of your responsibility or is it just the next chapter in this story?

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More accurately, I gave the property to the bank which held a large mortgage and they sold it to Tim Green.

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Quit Claim? Nice. What is your story now? At least what you may wish to share.

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I am building a hotel on the lake in Lugano.

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Do you live in Italy?

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I live in London at present and plan to set up shop in Lugano.

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Just thinking on the internet β€œWant to Start a Business in Switzerland?” results in a dozen different potential movie plots. I am obviously not able to even think about the fun you will be having. Please direct this conversation on a path that will provide me a view and an opportunity to contribute. I can see that Street View works very well in Lugano. If the place exists, address?

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The site is adjacent to and will be combined with this hotel.

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I find that when I see such interesting places I only relate to them as a scene in a movie. I am a simple person, such options in life only appear in the second reel.

Very nice. Combined, you own both? Is it a summer destination or will the snowbirds also flock your way?

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I am still putting it all together. As for occupancy, we will aim for year-round.

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Being a hotel proprietor is a big responsibility. Those electric vehicles may not be useful in the winter. If you have an upscale establishment, you can charge more, but it cost more. I would think satisfaction comes from happy customers. How do you decide between this place or a Fawlty Towers type of business? Are you more focused on providing a bed or food?

EDIT: And a nice ad for The View Lugano just appeared on my Facebook feed.

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We will be negotiating extensively with the current hotel management company to glean what has worked well over their past several years’ experience at this location and over many more at other locations. It is a luxury target market in any case.

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I can see a wonderful opportunity for some images for the new website. Do you have to look hard for opportunities? In my profession I looked for opportunities as a software developer. I came close but it was always a business that had to be financed and all were taken over. In your chosen almost everything is defined, you just need to implement in the most effective way. In my field, software, technology was always a decade away. Doing your own business adds a lot of responsibilities for peoples lives. I could never do that, I must be an empath.

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The backstory to this project is very long and involved.

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You are involved by choice so you must be enjoying what you are doing. I hope. It is what is to come that is important. In life we are not give any glimpse of the real future, only bits from a dream we may have but we do not know what is in the box until we open it. I am a very conservative person. I do not trust anything. I can offer help to people when my knowledge overlaps their problems but in general my advice is to do all the things we learned as young children. Be polite, wash your hands, look both ways and learn to think. I look at so many people in the world today (on the news or on the internet) and too often they lack this ability to think. They make too many decisions that are poor and just accept the poor results, they do not learn, or perhaps they cannot learn. In my fictional world decisions are not really necessary until the story needs to be moved along. In our world, the real world, we are made to make decisions constantly. In hindsight, in my life and my families life and may parents life, too many decisions and too many poor decisions. Sorry for carrying on. I do try to make use of anyone I meet to engage them in my projects, any creative mind is so rare I must use any that cross my path. But most are doing their thing, their lives, few see the big picture.

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Yes. The big picture: