Is it virtuously right to start or run a business that takes advantage of people?

(Bill Ames) #1

How do you take advantage of people?

(1) Do not pay your workers what they deserve.
(2) Buy the components of what you sell from the least expensive sources to maximize your profits but risk your customers well being.
(3) Sell your product for more than it is worth.
(4) Promote your product with words that can be misunderstood by potential customers.

(ACD) #2

In a perfect world with complete information and efficient competition, the defects listed would be impossible. In an imperfect world …

(Bill Ames) #3

Yes, I agree, please answer the question as it applies to the world in which we exist.

(ACD) #4

In an imperfect world, anything is possible but one should expect the strong to enslave the weak.

(Bill Ames) #5

I hope you mean Employ?

(Mel Saint) #6

2-4 are okay for me except 1

(denise wheeler) #7

2-4 are pretty much standard business fare, as is the first one, since most feel they’re rarely paid what they deserve, except the top tier. But any business that puts a higher value on employees is always better.

But interesting you put #4. Aren’t fallacious claims always the crux of promotion?

(Bill Ames) #8

Works for religion, why should humanity be more picky?

(denise wheeler) #9

Religion in any context is always a slippery slope. Not sure I can even get into all that here. It would take a lot more than these boxes. But there’s a ton of discourse on it, even in the Supreme Court right now. For example: Is a large stone cross at a local war memorial a promotion for Christianity or simply a historic memorial for soldiers? To many of us that’s a simple answer, but just one example of how complex it is to define anything around religion.

(denise wheeler) #10

why should humanity be more picky?

I think you’re asking a much bigger question here than the original one you raised. Most businesses, whether small or large, are generally geared toward making profits, not employee benefit. Like it or not, that has always been the chief motivation, to provide some service or product with the intent of capitalizing on it. And for most, the more they can make, the better, for both them and the economy. So that’s all just economics. Everything else is a moral issue, how well employees are treated and paid, workplace environment etc.