Is Santa Claus real?


Yes, America, there is a Santa Claus.
Oh you’d better not …
Santa Claus is coming to Town…
This is a powerful very present archetypal reality in our world In the past present and future.
It offers that what you do in the present affects the future, and that you should be better than you are because your potential is always out in front of you .
If you shake my hand, you think, this man is real , but later you may question, was that real or imagined.
What is Santa ? A series of images and memories ?

  1. If I am good ( relatively) all year compared to how I usually am, do I magically get presents ?
  2. If society is good all year relative to normal, do we all get magic presents ?
    The answer is yes because movement towards positive potential doesn’t merely add benefit , the benefits are exponential and that is magic.
    The societal creation of the archetype is no fluke of imagination, it is an apriori structure that we give manifestation .
    Just a thought. :slight_smile:


You speak of behaviour. What about what is important? If we do not know how can we adjust how we act? Tell us what is important please. Just the top two on the list.


I’ll offer 3,

  1. You’d better not pout.
  2. You’d better not shout.
  3. You’d better not cry, I’m telling you why, Santa Claus is coming to Town…

They imply that if you don’t blame external forces but take individual responsibility, you will improve your world in an exponential (magical ) way. :slight_smile:


So you accept the responsibility for parts of the world being like it is? Good, now, what can others do to help you?


They can accept responsibility then act accordingly to remedy what’s in their power to remedy. Each time that choice is made, the benefits are exponential.


If I fail to act that implies I am not accepting my responsibility. That is why I try to get the posters who lack insight to look outside them selves. It is a real world. You must accept that.


If you fail to act, that does not equate to a not accepting responsibility in my view. Taking responsibility can alter future behavioral decisions.
That is why I try to get posters who lack insight to look outside themselves. Hmm…I definitely must lack insight for sure otherwise why seek insights at all.

It is a real world, you must see that. Hmm…
I really appreciate that coming from you.
What world can one observed that isn’t real.


The future. It is not hard for me, impossible for most. It is a very interesting place. Join me as I explore it.


The future isn’t real? How so ?


Look around yourself. It is now. A book on the table can be read in the future. Go pick up the book and read it. You traveled to the future. Are you there, still real?


I complied with your requests. I’m still here, check, still real ? So am I back from the future or the past ?


Your reply was in the future so you traveled there to make it. So you now agree the future is real and you are traveling there at all times (unless you can manipulate time) so when I say I see the future I am just doing sums of the possibilities, anyone, with sufficient imagination, can do it.


“Your reply was in the future”.
Got it. Thanks for clarifying.


Try this: :


Nope, I wasn’t even at that party. :laughing: