Is the key to real progress simply to forget the past?

(Bill Ames) #21

I am pleased to discuss what technology will come in the future. I have a lot of experience thinking about it.

We will have AIs everywhere.
We will have fresh water everywhere.
We will have electric power everywhere.
No one will be hungry.]
The excess of stuff in the air that is not good will be eliminated.
We will live on the moon and mars.
We will cure all sickness.

We will edit DNA to eliminate defective DNA.

We will improve DNA.

We will have quantum computers in our homes.

All vehicles will be driven by AIs.

What did I miss?

(ACD) #22

I give up. You are having a joke at the expense of others.

(Bill Ames) #23

Not at all. I have no doubt that my list will all come true. Humans are always trying new things and this is all new. Why do you doubt what is possible?