Krishnamurti helped me reassess everything I've been told about life

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Every now and then you’ll come across a passage of writing that changes your entire perspective of life. For many years I was on the search for the truth about life as though someone could reveal it to me. Then I read the below passage by the Indian philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti. He perfectly explains why…

(Holly BF Warren) #2

Thanks for sharing you search for new perspectives.
It is thought provoking thus inspiring…to take a deep breath and think deeply about my thinking which translates in my actions.
" Second hand people" I have been granted the gift or curse of being curious, asking questions and not being satisfied with some answers.
Practicing yoga has allowed me to skim the works of Krishnamurti but I am only at the surface nevertheless seeking to understand myself has initiated the journey towards wisdom. I battle between the story of man&woman and my findings.
One thing I love and strongly believe in my inward and outward wanderings is that of always questioning and taking nothing for granted. This is freedom in my own words.

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(Ricardo Ragazzone) #4

I believe in Extra Terrestrials, Gods, etc. Coasttocoastam radio show and stuff of sorts. In this passage, These influences are left out. And they matter. KRISHNAMURTI. did not have modern day tech, and magic like we have now. So it is understandable.

(Bill Ames) #5

I think it is unfair to be critical in any way the thoughts of philosophers of the past. Just like in science, we had people of great respect that told us we were at the center of the universe, and the sun went around our world. Today we understand they were doing the best they could with what they had.

Ideas on how we should lead our lives need to include our interactions with the world on a daily and often somewhat quarrelsome basis. If I do a youtube search on “philosophers.” I find many different examples. If I use “philosophers and science,” I get a very diverse mix. If you read the descriptions for each found item, you get a wide range of different opinions. If the thoughts of people posted here are not what you are interested in that is not unusual. The words offered are targeting, by design, a very narrow demographic. You can learn a lot about what humanity found interesting in the past by reading the posts, a handy reference source.

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That’s what I meant. Thanks.

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the past by reading the posts, a handy reference source.

Which posts? Where?

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Just browse these categories, you will see a lot to dig into:

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Ok…I thought more of the posts speaking more of future and modernistic thoughts. I don’t know of what percentages of posts deal with the past in the sense of your statement .
Ps. I thank Krishnamurti for the essay.

(Taylor Brearley) #10

I like how Krishnamurti puts it in that I got the sense that he was calling out what society deems “good and bad,” is not always what actually is “good or bad,” for every individual. If we continue to raise children on what we were taught of ourselves as children by people who had no idea what we needed, we are perpetuating the same society that pretty much tried to kill us. When someone says that, “because it is in MY version of one book, and we are all alike and equally miserable, you must obey wholly until the day you die because it’s how we did it and that is exactly how things should be done,” they are cheating society out of its own blessings and freezing themselves in time for generations.

Most of our lives, at this point in history, are spent meeting the needs of others, or constantly “bettering” ourselves to be only what is deemed “good,” throws our balance way off. If society would trust people and leave them to their natural responses there may not be so much evil to balance out what we are told we must become in order to be happy. When society believes that it holds the keys to right and wrong, evolution stands still.

Great post!

(Bill Ames) #11

Right and wrong are not subjective, knowledge of the difference makes us different from the lower forms of life who are not aware of such concepts. We are suppose to teach our children to think, that is the purpose of any educational system. The mind that can think will know the difference. What I see in the world today is many who never learned to think. Hopefully the next generation will do better.

(Taylor Brearley) #12

“Right and wrong are not subjective”

They shouldn’t be, I agree. But when generation after generation is taught that the only answers to right and wrong are held inside one book of “absolute truth” and never to question it, that is not subjective. That is an assumption that is believed NEVER changes and therefore contains the only God that can keep you from living in agony forever. You must then be ever watchful for all things that lead you away from the real answer to God. When a child is led, from birth, to believe that their parents are always right, and then goes about honoring “thy father and mother,” they are giving in to the only answer that is provided to who they are supposed to be. People who were born and raised in the 50’s to 60’s are still under the impression that they have the answer to who their children will be.

They say; “You are what we tell you you are and nothing more. If you, for any reason, deviate from what we say you are, you will be scorned, outcast, loooked down upon until you do the “right” thing making you like the rest of us and therefore as you “should be.” Should you have any thoughts that are out of alignment with what is more true than anything else, you must repent over and over. It is the pure evil you were somehow born with. We are protecting you from being the evil creature you were born as in order to fulfill your obvious place in the world. Should you not want to be like the rest, you must repent and correct out of yourself the things that make you evil.”

I often told myself that the abuse was ok because they were my family and they loved me. Plus, they had the one and only answer for right and wrong and no matter how far you “stray,” your role will be fulfilled by the time you die will always bring you back because you will only “know” real love if you are one of us. We are all “saved.” It’s for your own “good.”

(Bill Ames) #13

You prove my point. You were not taught to think. So you did not. I can not solve the problem of so many who have not learned to think, that is between them and God. All I can do is hope those with problems will learn to think better as they age. Everyone must live their own life and help others as circumstances permit. Many are prisoners of their circumstances and that is probably the worst case. You may gain enlightenment but have no where to run. The universe was made such that choices were permitted, we are on a path that choices made. Ours, or others, make sure you can think clearly enough to make the best choice.

(Taylor Brearley) #14

And what is the best choice? You’ve actually just contradicted yourself. Thinking you know what is best for another human is what is keeping their own thoughts from happening. If you start a phrase with the words, “ what you really need is…” you have just robbed the choice of which you speak. When a child is taught from birth that their elders are the final word, lest they be severely punished as their elders did to them, you are perpetuating the exact same traits that only succeeded to that point in robbing YOU of your own dreams. To say that you have any clue as to what choice someone other than your self would be, “clear” you are negating the person their own “thoughts,” thus you are making them like you. Why is that? Is it because it’s what you were taught as a child? Why is that still “right,” I wonder? The beliefs and “proper” ways to manage life were always meant to make you grateful for the people who had all of the answers. They kept you alive so that you could pass on the same exact rigidity that you, yourself, are now denying was ever present. If you believe that anyone was “right” about you because of how you turned out, look again. Anyone who “knows” is only fooling themselves by the conditions of their initial environment. As more parents realize that they are forcing the same view upon their children that actually caused them so much pain in their own childhood, now, is not teaching the child to think for themselves. We do not teach children about crime, no matter how PC some people think we are, we are still teaching them right from wrong as it is written in a book that we still believe is the only answer. We are keeping our children trapped in our own childhoods if we are teaching them anything, especially if we’ve dressed the word “right” up with the word “clear.”

(Bill Ames) #15

That is the choice made by those who have learned to think and have used that skill to gain the wisdom to make choices. If one believes in a God their choices will be different than those who believe there are no universal standards. I needed to explain how the universe was made for my story and it works so well I accept it as fact. I have no idea what an afterlife would actually mean for a trillion times a trillion and more lives experience a life over a trillion years. God took responsibility for the universe at the start, it will be up to God to manage the results. People only have to manage their lives, think about what they do and don’t break any important rules. One of them, “do no harm” works for me. Should be useful to all thinking people.