Life and what its all about


Well it’s time, Im told, to share what I have been gifted and here it is,the question everybody wants to hear but nobody has the capacity to absorb this so try we as humans have no purpose on this planet except multiply and we multiply so the researchers at home have somewhere to house the soul its been a experiment since their first attempt to house the soul and beleive it or not it was the dinosaurs and the lasted so many years but there was a problem with the dinosaurs, they were too big,see the problems with the ozone layer today is all the gasses from cows and sheep are burning a hole in the ozone layer well look at the side of the dinosaurs 100 times bigger and so was the amount of gasses they dispersed and it burnt a hole a lot bigger than today’s and the planet had to heal itself so it set of a series of volcanoes and covered the planet in ash,introducing the ice age and the extinction of most living souls,and it took years to heal itself cause as you know time is different in space were we were designed and built for earth so we are and you’ll agree we are a lot smaller, so the human body is designed to house the soul and the soul has to learn how to be perfect because the universe is perfect and it will not except any less,so your soul is here to learn its lessons because once you do learn your lessons you are excepted in to the galaxy and your soul is welcomed into a never ending existance in paradise but your soul has to be perfect so it takes about 5 lives to get your soul perfect maby 7 for slow learners but every soul gets the reward ,the ol boy is a bit pissed off cause it use to take 3 lives but humans have forgotten why their here and the most important part is the soul it what has to learn its been replaced by ego and possessions and how good a human you are but let me tell you there’s no prize for the best human only rewards for your soul any way thats just a little secret im sharing hope you can handle it


Thanks for sharing this @Jupiterscage. Interesting to read your perspective of life here on Earth and our purpose for being here.