Life sucks? Here are 10 ways to change your mind

(Reece Robertson) #1

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Does your life suck right now? The hard fact of life is that we are all going to experience tragedy at one point or another. Some might experience just a single tragedy; others might experience great tragedies regularly. But regardless of how terrible your tragedy might be in relation to those around you, a tragedy…

(John Bickerstaff) #2

Hello, First off let me say Thank You for having this TODAY. Right now I feel better than I did 20 minutes ago. You see, I truly needed this article as I suffer from mild depression. and I say mild because of the stigma it carries. Life can be tough, and I woke up this morning feeling that. After reading the article I feel better and not so suicidal. Feel sorry for myself is the main trap of mental disorders and forums like this truly do help. Just thought you should know about a real, right now, impact you have made on one life.

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(Deborah Poarch) #4

This was a helpful article. I’m having trouble in retirement moving toward my goals. The suggestion of a journal will help. It is also helpful to know that we really do need to create our own meaning, have our own purpose and vision. For some reason I have felt embarrassed to have this need. I now feel free to pursue it. Thank you.

(Reece Robertson) #5

Hi John, apologies for the late reply. Thank you for reading. I’m so thrilled it helped! Absolutely, our minds terrific organisms. However, they can also quickly get stuck in a spiral of negativity. Something we must work at one day a time.