Like a tineid to the flame. What is the best way to gain a transfer of ideas here on Ideapod?


If you are here on this part of Ideapod seeking solutions to the problems you have accumulated in your short life then stop right here. There are many more discussions that will offer you solutions that could enable you to navigate life’s path to your future life port successfully.

When I was a youth, it was common to see clouds of insects attempting to reach the fire in the lightbulb of the street lamp. The glow of hundreds of fireflies lighted my nights. Now I see neither, the spiders and bats must be very hungry.

What will anyone who spends the time to read my unfinished thoughts (required for posting here) take with them? Enlightenment as they will have thought thoughts they never knew existed.

Perhaps you will begin to consider how important it is to be creative. So many will point to your faults and offer solutions. If you spend just a small amount of time being creative you will discover that the process provides immediate feedback. As a child, we drew things, and we knew what was on paper was not what we intended. Same with writing, you see as you read what you wrote something is missing. Even in more ambitious efforts such as web sites the arrow often misses even the hay bale.

As we enter the quantum age, we see things we can not explain. That is good. It lets us know we have not the words needed. There were people a hundred years or more ago that did have a concept of a computer but hand them a data sheet for today’s CPU and it will make no sense to them, they have no words to apply.

All of our tools and toys at our disposal today are a result of someone’s creativity. What you create may not be a million dollar concept, but it can be a seed for someone who plants it in their imagination and allows it to grow to the benefit of all humanity.

The bottom line, your purpose in life is to be creative and to share that with everyone.


I agree. I don’t think that Ideapod will directly be the place where solutions are found. Rather, it’s a place for a certain kind of dialogue where people come together with open minds. People learn together.

In the title you ask “what is the best way to gain a transfer of ideas here on Ideapod.”

You and @jesuislaplume demonstrated this here:

I think the exchange of ideas will really happen off Ideapod. At least that’s how I intend it. The platform will publish stories and ideas that hopefully are thought provoking and encourage people to engage in discussion.

Then people meet and take things off the platform. I don’t plan on Ideapod creating tools to enable ideation in the sense of bringing an idea from germination through to execution.

Rather, it’s more of a brainstorming forum for people to explore their creativity together.