Looking back to see ahead... a momentary #whoswho


Dear Ideapod… seems like a lifetime ago since we first met. You were so refreshing to discover. I can remember arriving at your door-stoop and knocking to come in like it was yesterday. Your ideals sent shivers up my spine as they seemed so familiar. The lure of a #senseof place to take a load off and wrest my mind was something I couldn’t resist.

Once you invited me in to your node of the Noosphere I crossed the threshold wondering where I would wander to. Tempted by not knowing was all I needed to jump in wholeheartedly to see what would blossom…


Little did I realize, now five years later, what would be conjured up, incubated, leaned in to. Yet, somehow from day one the seeker in me met the seeker in you, all of you. You who strive to relate, feel a part of something larger than self, to question, explore and share.

Now here we are still wandering and wondering. Thinking out loud. Sharing the journey. Herein lies another artifact, a moment in time. My #whoswho for now. The gift of our 5 year anniversary…

Thank you, and you, and you, and you, and you, you too, and you…

Milestones and Musings

Thanks for sharing this @Eleprocon. Ideapod has gone through a few transformations.

@ACD and @BillAmes, you’ve both become pretty regularly contributors to the Ideapod Discussions area. Would you be interested in expressing your own ideals for what you would hope Ideapod may become? I’m curious to see it from your perspective.

And for anyone else reading this, please also reply to this topic sharing your own ideals for what you would like to see Ideapod represent, what it may stand for, or what it can provide…



I have been watching closely since the time when ideapod was an idea ten years ago. I expressed the opinion then that social media lacks a place where intelligent, polite discussion thrives. This continues to be, for me, the holy grail.


I suspect at best, Ideapod is an avenue for potential .
Becoming something takes form, form has limit and hierarchy will manifest and make it another separate thing among the ten thousand things.