Looking for those that understand correlations are not causations and are the solution to global warming before the lack of grass eliminates the lawn mower manufacturers. RTU


As I was growing up in the late 40s our lawn in Mineola, NY was small. We managed in the front with a push mower. In the back, it was just grass. We did not have an excess of carbon dioxide as we did not mow the lawns. It was beautiful; you could see the insects frolicking in the tall shoots, you could hear the tall blades inhaling the carbon dioxide. Slowly this wonderful world started to change. Self-propelled gasoline powered mowers began to appear, and the whipping edges viscously attacked each helpless blade of grass until we have a ground of stubble that would make today’s homeless look good.

Slowly as the atmosphere’s carbon dioxide levels started to increase we also noticed the grass grew quicker, was it was just trying to save us? Roads appeared, and more gas gulping machines arrived, and they needed to be stored when not in use. It was not long before huge trucks began delivering smoldering tar that was spread over the land, killing all the grass.

What do we have here, is it jobs, the people had jobs so they could afford these horrible contraptions. If they just remained poor people scratching a living off the land, we would have less carbon dioxide, and the globe would be less warm. If not for the people we would not have a problem. Now you know the rest of the story.