MasterClass review (2019): Is it worth paying for?

(Justin Brown) #1

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If you’re someone interested in online education and learning, the chances are that you’ve come across MasterClass lately. They’re a new online education start-up based out of San Francisco, founded by entrepreneur Aaron Rasmussen and film editor and director David Ragier in 2015. Since then they’ve grown rapidly, raising over $56 million and delivering online…

(kent) #2

I took the James Patterson Masterclass several years ago. I quickly became bored with it. There was virtually no interaction with him or anyone else taking the class. I’m thinking of giving it another try because of David Sedaris. I’m a huge fan of his. I’ve read ever one of his books. I went to see him live recently. I feel like what he has to say could be truly interesting. We’ll see.

(Bill Ames) #3

I have two classes that I had just started when life got complicated. I intend to complete them when I can. I recently made a checklist of things I do, responsibilities and enjoyment. I have over 60 items and each is at least 2-3 items deep. I have always enjoyed doing things, especially where I could bring order or enjoyment. The world offers many opportunities, Ideapod not the least. Then there are my screenplay(s)

Yes, I can recommend MasterClass.

(Simone Proft) #4

I think Masterclass is worthwhile as a concept BUT they automatically renew your subscription after 12 months without notifying you first. I bought the subscription as a gift (and noted that when I bought it) - so I think that automatic renewal is unethical in this case. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO THIS UNETHICAL COMPANY

(Christa Gahlman) #5

I read your review last year while looking into MasterClass and found your insights to be incredibly helpful. I subscribed to the All-Access pass because while I’ve always felt called to write, I had no idea where to start, how to start, or even what kind of writing I could fit my words into, aside from poetry. I’ve enrolled in every writing class on MasterClass, from Bob Woodard to R.L. Stine to Shonda Rhimes. And, naturally, Billy Collins.
My favorite part of the MasterClass is actually the workbooks, which, combined, are to my mind well worth the money. I utilize the writing exercises, the suggested readings, and am slowly finding a place my writing fits best. I have not completed all the exercises, but I have printed each of the workbooks and they’ll continue to be a great resource after my subscription expires.
I find myself incredibly encouraged as I listen to each of these writers speak about writing. You can feel their passion and in the solitary world of a writer it’s not always easy to find such" like minds". Interestingly enough, I found Billy Collins’ class to be the least helpful, perhaps because I’m already familiar with many of the exercises poets do so, aside from the experience of just listening to a poet talk about poetry, there wasn’t much new for me there.
So…thanks for your clear breakdown of what to expect from MasterClass. I have no regrets.