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(Mark's Myth) #21

“As the radius of the circle of what is known expands, we become aware of the expanding circumference of our own ignorance. We have to come to grips with the fact that knowledge and information, no matter how detailed, will remain an insufficient and uncertain basis for guiding our path into the future. We will increase our chances of success if we have the wisdom and humility to embrace our own ignorance, celebrate ambiguity and befriend uncertainty.”
Daniel Christian Whal

(Mark's Myth) #22

Humanity’s Phase Shift, Daniel Schmachtenberger

(Mark's Myth) #23

Daniel on the shift…

(Mark's Myth) #24

Michael Meade on finding meaning… The Eye of the Pupil, The Heart of the Disciple

(Mark's Myth) #25

New film just in…

(Mark's Myth) #26

Frtizhof Capra on the new paradigm shift towards sustainability…

(Mark's Myth) #27

r3.0 2019 Conference

This 6th edition marked a watershed moment. Whereas earlier conferences reached from initial soul searching to developing and releasing the content of the r3.0 work ecosystem and its Blueprints, this 6th r3.0 International Conference switched gears to implementation…

(Mark's Myth) #28

Words matter…

(Mark's Myth) #29

The #senseof weaving…

(Mark's Myth) #30

Framing the possibilities…

(Mark's Myth) #31

The #senseof story…
The Indigenous Youth Storytellers Circle: Share Your Story with the World!

(Mark's Myth) #33

On Greta and the movement…

(Mark's Myth) #34

R. Buckminster Fuller on design science and our future…

A tribute to Bucky…

(Mark's Myth) #35

Synthesis from the minds of many…

“To overcome the planetary crisis of perception, which lies at the core of the environmental, economic and social crisis of today, we have to individually and collectively overcome the pervasive illusion of our “self” being separated from the entirety of existence.”

(Mark's Myth) #36

Cross pollination is key…

(Mark's Myth) #37

“Context Institute is an independent non-profit organization, founded in 1979 by Robert and Diane Gilman, devoted to helping all of us create the best possible 21st century we can — for each of us, for our communities, and for all of life. We are one of a handful of organizations that have focused on sustainability as a central theme for more than 35 years…”

(Mark's Myth) #39

The #senseof story…

(Mark's Myth) #40

Ambitious seekers…

World Summit
A Global Online and Local Event Overview
The World Summit is offering everyone the time, opportunity, and space to connect with each other, both formally and informally.

In today’s busy world we find ourselves increasingly isolated and disconnected. Social trust has become an issue and this further divides us. However, in previous Mini World Summits, this division was replaced with a warm environment of enduring trust, peace and friendship among delegates. Events like these revive our sense of human connectedness. We look forward to sharing this healthy working environment with you, on a grand scale.

The purpose of the World Summit is to co-create this event, at which changemakers from all over the world can consciously unify as the critical mass that is necessary to become the catalyst for creating a new socioeconomic community and paradigm shift.

We predict that the main event will take place over nine to twelve days and will precede a period of time during which we will continue to work collaboratively on the solutions.

The event will include amalgamating and intuitive sessions of proposals & solutions, sector focused and integral > workshops, presentations, conversations, panel-discussions, and interaction with satellite events worldwide, all using non-violent communication and a non-hierarchical form of organisation. All this leading to creating a new regenerative model and operating system that will make the old / current model absolute.

There will also be an inclusion of free time, with music, culture and art to encourage development of strong social and heart connections, and to keep us focused on why we are doing all of this.

The World Summit are not forming a new organisation which dictates to others. We (referring to all of us) are creating a space where diversity is balanced in a synergistic whole and in which a sustainable, healthy and equitable model for all can be created to allow communities to form a self-governing society.

We will be welcoming representatives of the twelve sectors that are to be represented at the World Summit:

*Food, Environment, Water, Wildlife
*Media, Communication
*Learning, Education
*Relations, Peacebuilding, Community
*Spirituality, Personal Development, Religion
*Justice, Sovereignty, Governance
*Ancient Wisdom
*Resource-Sharing, Economics, Trade
*Arts, Music, Culture
*Housing, Infrastructure, Transport
*Science, Technology, Energy
*Health, Wellness, Family

(Mark's Myth) #41

“Transformative innovation and design for a regenerative culture is about enabling people to experience and live the ‘narrative of interbeing’ as a personal and social reality.” - Daniel Christen Whal

(Mark's Myth) #42

The work of Joe Brewer on cultural evolution…

Humanity is now confronted with many global threats arising through the scale, pace, and intensity of change in our cultural, technological, political, and economic systems. What we lack is the ability to shape and guide this massively complex evolutionary process at societal scales.

One of our greatest challenges in the 21st Century will be to cultivate the capacities to intentionally guide social change using the best combinations of science, technology, organizational management, and artistic expression. In other words, humanity needs a design science for intentional social change that can be applied to increase community wellbeing for families, businesses, cities and towns, regions, and nations.

This is what I call Culture Design. It is an applied science of cultural evolution that seeks to merge design practices with community development efforts using the rigors of integrative social science methodologies. By supporting this work, you will be invited into the world of culture design hosted by the pioneer who has spent more than two decades laying the groundwork for this urgently needed framework that combines research and social change practice.

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