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(Mark's Myth) #43

On mythOS, story genesis, history and mind…

Journal of Myth, Religion, and Folklore

“Oral peoples mythologized their histories, while literate peoples historicize their myths.”

  • John Lundwall

(Mark's Myth) #44

On media…

What Is Media Ecology?

Media ecology looks into the matter of how media of communication affect human perception, understanding, feeling, and value; and how our interaction with media facilitates or impedes our chances of survival.

The word ecology implies the study of environments: their structure, content, and impact on people.

An environment is, after all, a complex message system which imposes on human beings certain ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving.

  • It structures what we can see and say and, therefore, do.
  • It assigns roles to us and insists on our playing them.
  • It specifies what we are permitted to do and what we are not. Sometimes, as in the case of a courtroom, or classroom, or business office, the specifications are explicit and formal.

In the case of media environments (e.g., books, radio, film, television, etc.), the specifications are more often implicit and informal, half concealed by our assumption that what we are dealing with is not an environment but merely a machine.

Media ecology tries to make these specifications explicit.

It tries to find out what roles media force us to play, how media structure what we are seeing, why media make us feel and act as we do.

Media ecology is the study of media as environments.

Neil Postman

(Mark's Myth) #45

Alternative news source…

Our vision for The Rooftop is an ambitious one. We believe the public deserves better than the negative climate fostered by mainstream media and the biased ramblings of newer media outlets.

Our recent research showed just how little positive news is getting through to the public. So we’ve got a long way to go.

The Rooftop is a trading name of Campaign Collective, a social enterprise, registered as a company in England & Wales

(Mark's Myth) #46

“We want to tackle specific climate and sustainability challenges where the impediment to progress is an information gap, a paralyzed conversation, or a missing connection between disciplines or sectors of society,” said Halliday. “This reflects the reality that values and culture shape environmental decisions as much as, or more than, data alone.”

(Mark's Myth) #47

"Living the questions together" this exercise was used in a slight variation by Charles Eisenstein at our Esalen retreat.

“The central purpose of the Work that Reconnects is to help people uncover and experience their innate connections with each other and with the systemic, self-healing powers of the web of life, so that they may be enlivened and motivated to play their part in creating a sustainable civilization.” –Joanna Macy

(Mark's Myth) #48

The Work that Reconnects - Joanna Macy

“In the face of overwhelming social and ecological crises, this work helps people transform despair and apathy into constructive, collaborative action. It brings a new way of seeing the world as our larger living body. This perspective frees us from the assumptions and attitudes that now threaten the continuity of life on Earth.”

(Mark's Myth) #49

Recent post form Joe Brewer in FB…

I have been asked to take a larger role with the Regenerative Communities Network – helping guide three tracks of work that have emerged across all of the bioregions that have joined us so far.

The work tracks are:

  1. Regenerative Education and Transformational Leadership

  2. Regenerative Metrics and Evaluation for Systems Transformation

  3. Bioregional Investment Platforms

In the last five months, we have observed that these are major areas of activity in all of the bioregions in our network. Each region is grappling with how to spread regenerative practices and transform social systems. Several are designing prototypes for investment portfolios that enable regional economies to function as living systems.

Between now and October (when we will gather the “hub conveners” for each bioregion at a special event in Mexico), we are working to shape the emergence of these focus areas as peer-to-peer learning supports as we continue adding more bioregions to the network.

Onward, fellow humans. <3

(Mark's Myth) #50

Buckminster Fuller Institute’s (BFI) new project:
Co-operating Manual for Spaceship Earth

50 years ago, Fuller wrote a powerful book entitled Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth. Published at the height of the cold war in a world deeply divided, it advanced the compelling perspective that we are all passengers on the same vessel, Spaceship Earth. More profoundly, we all have a shared mission – like a baby chick must develop for ongoing survival before exhausting the limited resources of the yolk, we must develop as a civilization toward ongoing prosperity before exhausting our limited fossil fuel and elemental resources. This work went on to inspire many at the heart of the environmental and human potential movements, and the essence of its message is more vital today than ever.

So we’re pleased to announce that BFI is marking this anniversary by kicking off what we’re calling the Co-Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth. Our goal is to come together as a community and take that same grounded, visionary, and inclusive perspective toward how we practically realize a civilization that works for 100% of humanity. The work will be divided into chapters - energy, water, materials, cities, ecosystems - each will become a resource for deep sense-making that provides clarity for decision-makers, communities, individuals, and sponsors. To goal is not to publish a book, but to be an active participant in making this new world.

Letter on transition…

(Mark's Myth) #51

Living in a shifting paradigm…

(Mark's Myth) #52

“One year ago today, I arrived at a gathering of regenerative design leaders hosted at Rancho Margot in Costa Rica.

Together this group launched the first “Regenerative Hubs” focused on bioregional development as a network of partner organizations. Representatives at the meeting included people from Capital Institute, Savory Institute, Universidad para la Cooperacion Internacional, Regenerative Earth, the Earth Charter, University of Peace, and several others.

In the year between then and now a lot has happened. There is a great weaving of networks being attempted – part of which I now help facilitate with the Regenerative Communities Network – that seeks to grow capacities for the manifestation of regenerative economic systems at bioregional scales and the spread of regenerative projects to ecosystems across the planet.

The path is nonlinear. It is filled with missteps, false starts, blind alleys, and unexpected obstacles. Yet at the same time it is invigorating and purposeful. Something that enables us to look our small children in the eye and know that we will be able to say we did our best no matter what happens in the decades ahead.

Today, my wife and daughter will travel with me on another journey. We depart this morning for a week of collaborative work with partners in Ciudad Colon (just outside of San José), followed by ten days in Guatemala where we will visit regenerative projects and begin familiarizing ourselves with the realities on the ground that exist for communities there.

I write these words at 5 AM amidst the chorus of birdsongs and chirping insects that so powerfully capture the vibrant life of nature in a rainforest on the edge of one of Earth’s few remaining biodiversity hotspots. We have now lived at Rancho Margot for more than half a year… one of many important outcomes from that gathering one year ago is that we relocated to Costa Rica to serve this regenerative movement with our full lives.

This moment of reflection is shared in the spirit of solidarity with all who feel themselves to be part of the Earth (which we all are) and who also feel called to service of life on this precious planet we all call Home in these serious times.

Onward, fellow humans.”
Joe Brewer

(Mark's Myth) #53

Another future is possible…

REVISION is catalyzing systemic change from the perspective of a successful future.

(Mark's Myth) #54

As the name suggests…

Interview with Magenta…

(Mark's Myth) #55

Magenta… founder of Bloom

(Mark's Myth) #57

(Mark's Myth) #59

(Mark's Myth) #60

The r is silent…

(Mark's Myth) #61

The Earth Nation is an International Society of positive change organizations and people that are dedicated to finding, developing, and implementing solutions for every major challenge the human race deals with today…

(Mark's Myth) #62

Rising to the #senseof emergence…

(Mark's Myth) #63

GRASPing how the arts play into the new story…

(Mark's Myth) #64

Al Gore’s initiative “24 Hours of Reality started 2011”…