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(Mark's Myth) #85

Step back in time…

Experience a history of the Earth like never before with the award-winning Deep Time Walk. Designed using appropriate technology, the Deep Time Walk calculates your speed and distance as you journey across 4.6bn years of time, enabling you to learn about key evolutionary events as they occur and comprehend the destructive impact of humans on the Earth’s complex climate

(Mark's Myth) #86

Nurturing the #senseof story…

Ari Kuschnir on getting activated:

(Mark's Myth) #87

LiveHOPE multi-day event…

(Mark's Myth) #88


(Mark's Myth) #89

Insights to education…

(Mark's Myth) #90

The #senseof networking communities…

(Mark's Myth) #91

Helena Norberg-Hodge

Podcast with Charles Eisenstein

(Mark's Myth) #93

The #senseof emergence…

(Mark's Myth) #94

“GL was born out of a deep calling to our hearts and soul to collaborate for what is needed during these challenging times for humanity and all life forms. It has lead us to the intent to explore and discover timeless and modern wisdom for long-lasting co-existence between humanity, nature, and all other life forms, living in balance and in harmony.”

(Mark's Myth) #95

The #senseof living the questions together…

“We are all activists, activating one story or another through the power of our attention and the way we participate in our communities. We can choose to activate and embody the story of separation or the story of interbeing. We can choose what kind of world we want to bring forth together with the people we are in contact with.”

(Mark's Myth) #96

The War on Sensemaking Clarion Daniel Schmachtenberger shares his insights… What can we trust? Why is the ‘information ecology’ so damaged, and what would it take to make it healthy?

This recent talk helps us to understand the threads of making meaning and sense of the world.

(Mark's Myth) #97

"In mythic terms it is not only a shift in politics that is desperately needed, not just changes in social justice, but also a re-imagination of the whole design that helps to weave culture back into creative balance with nature. Amidst all the false rhetoric and nihilistic ideas, our primary human task is to become the bearers of whatever genuine meaning and beauty we can envision and help reveal." - Michael Meade

(Mark's Myth) #98

Aluna means "conscience ". Enter the last theocratic chiefdom in America, hidden for centuries on a mountain in Colombia. The Kogi have made this amazing documentary to help us understand how to avoid the destruction of the world that they are trying to protect, and of ourselves.

(Mark's Myth) #99

The #senseof elders…