My Bold Plans for the Future


I was reading Aldous Huxley and one thing I could comment about it is that he wasted all his life trying to be in union with God, and yet when he died, he went to Hell. So there goes the irony. Do you really go to heaven by trying to seek heaven through LSD? Or do you go to heaven by doing God’s will on earth? Using your talents to help the poor and the needy, like in the Good Samaritan.

For me, our purpose in life is to glorify God through our good life. I’ve always felt alone in my advocacies. But I am always trying my best to find like minded individuals who can share the journey with me. Here are some of the advocacies I’ve espoused and planned on doing:

  1. Agriculture. That’s why I’m going to fly to US later this year, and try to study their advanced agricultural machineries and technology. Having worked for Amazon, I saw how efficient their logistics is, they can deliver through Amazon Fresh, all the fresh produce coming from the farmer’s market. And they already bought Whole Foods. Agriculture in the Philipppines is still stuck in feudal ages. I will try to import all the John Deere tractors here and the drones, AI and Machine Learning. Having worked for HP and Apple, I am tech savvy. And technology must be used for a greater purpose. My dream is to build my own “smart farm” in the Philippines.

  2. Buying a soccer team in Europe. I have already contacted ESADE which is in partnership with Barca. And they are willing to accept me in their Executive Master’s Programme. To learn how to run a professional football club. So I’ll be flying to Barcelona to scout and buy a football club.

  3. Building schools. I am a fervent advocate of education. Philippines is a corrupt country, the funds that should be going to build classrooms, go instead to the pockets of corrupt politicians. I’ve seen this first hand since I worked for Dept of Budget and Management. Nobody seems to be donating schools. Everybody is just a keyboard warrior on FB! Japan donated classrooms. I don’t see any Filipino doing charity or business. Everybody is just blaming everybody on social media. Nobody is taking the initiative of making things happen rather than blaming everybody but themselves!

  4. Tesla’s Free Energy Project. The elephant in the room right now is the search for everlasting battery. Since renewables are dependent on the heat of the sun. How can we restore energy when it’s not sunny or windy. I’m intrigued with the Coldness of the Universe Energy. I’m also intrigued with Tesla’s abandoned free energy project.


Thank you for your aspirations, I think moving towards positive potential is high art in humanity. Since you brought up glorifying god i feel compelled to share a thought here from Genesis that I find interesting. I think it says in effect, in the beginning, there was nothing, then God said “let there be light” ( which I speculate isn’t light per se but positive potential ). Of course light (sun’s planets etc… were created later in the chapter.
Then God saw the light and said it was good. Not that it was a good light but rather a positive potential pathway, light assumes pathway. If there is potential, then there is risk or darkness. Carl Jung equates your shadow with negative potential, if your shadow stretched to the darkest pit and saw you, what would it see ? Light. That’s why Jesus said " I am the light of the world".
Positive potential manifested.
Anyway I just think it’s a marvelous abstract mapping.
Wanted to share that.
I really like your goals, I suspect that water desalination must be on the table for the Elon musk of the world.
In California where I live for example is a relative Utopia compared to most of the world when it comes to water.
Still we have huge water challenges, since water is a prerequisite for life we would be remiss to leave it to Providence. We have had major droughts here that would have gotten very ugly if not for later Providence.
We have tunneling technology already, if we could tunnel desalinated water to strategic barren lands in California, we could create massive highways and cities without limits of space to put them. Monies made in property taxes alone could more than pay for the endeavor. Plus if done right, houses sold initially could sell theoretically the mortgage payment could be only 20 percent of the average workers pay vs the 50 plus percent it is now, thus rejuvenating the economy.
Anyhow they say desalination can’t work as it is because it puts salt back in the ocean to a toxic degree but I think salt could be a viable construction material indoors, it kills bacteria. Salt blocks are decorative as well.
Just a thought.


Thanks for your wonderful output! It is exciting indeed that we can extract energy not just from “light” or heat of the sun, but also from the absence of it which is the coldness of the universe. That is an exciting discovery since we can tap both energies come day time and night time.

Regarding desalination, it can indeed be a double edged sword. The salt that would be extracted from the ocean waters will be thrown back to it, making it saltier than before. I find it ironic though, that Philippines, not being a barren land like California, is also experiencing droughts and dry spells due to extended summer and no rainfall. It must be the effect of Global Warming. The natural cycle of rainfall is disrupted. So while in the US, scientists are doing their best to make the barren land and soil of California fertile and green, the people of the Philippines are doing nothing with their already rich and green soil. That’s why, I am persuaded to pursue my advocacy in Agriculture.

Elon Musk has lots of exciting projects like Universal Wifi System through SpaceX Satellites.


I suspect through engineering that the salt can be extracted and used for salt blocks as building materials. California is one of the most populated states in the union yet full of as yet unusable barren land. If this can be done in California, the implications are impressive.
I certainly get the compulsion to do what can be done more easily. I’m still inspired by The JFK ideals of tackling the big things not because they are easy, but because they are hard.
Anyhow thanks for all you do.