My Thoughts on Depression

(Mel Saint) #1

Depression has become the hottest trend nowadays. I’ve been crippled with it even before it became a hype. I’ve been through 3 different psychiatrists. The first 2 prescribed Lithium which didn’t work for me. And the third one prescribed Duloxetine. I’ve also had 2 sessions with a psychotherapist. First session was all about Trauma Management and 2nd one was about Anger Management. I’ve recently come across an interview by Dr. Sanjay Gupta with Dr. Andrew Weil, a Harvard educated doctor. And he said that psychotherapy and Zoloft didn’t work for him. So he said that he might just as well, live with it. He’s turning now into Eastern Meditation for help as Western Medicine failed him, even as a doctor himself. I’ve said the same thoughts to my psychologist but she just laughed it off. I don’t think that psychotherapy is working for me. I don’t think that Antidepressants are making me happier. I’m trying Ashwaganda now and I wanted to know if an Ayurvedic herb will work better than big pharma drugs. I’m not in the US so I cannot try CBD Oil or Ketamine. I have a friend who tried Marijuana, the latest buzz today, and he said that he no longer likes the side effects of it. I’m open minded to anything that could help me alleviate my depression. I am a Millenial and I am now living in an era where depression is the norm, fueled by social media and modern technology. I am not a suicidal person. I believe in God, being a Catholic. But I no longer attend Mass because I saw so many wicked people who didn’t attend mass but became successful, whereas I was a sacristan from Grade 3 to College and yet I have a pretty miserable life in the real world. So I see the apparent disconnect. Plus my father is a lay minister in the Church but I don’t see the spirituality in him, it’s all nominal religion by old self-righteous Baby Boomers. I’m not really into doctrines or dogmas as they are very easy to solve or answer. I’m more into existential questions that are much more difficult to answer. Like gay Catholic pedophile priests who abuse children even inside the Church premises in Vatican! Like the convicted Cardinal Pell of Australia. Here in the Philippines, the Catholic priests are more into marrying secretly and having a child and mixing into politics like Cardinal Richilieu in the Three Musketeers. The priests here are also becoming stand up comedians during homilies that’s why nobody’s taking them seriously anymore. And their apparent aversion to anything End Times. Forgetting that the entire Gospel is all about Jesus Christ preaching that the End is near! And that’s 2,000 years ago! So maybe, the roots of my depression are much deeper than the drugs could ever solve. I am thinking of delving more into Philosophy, Mathematics, Theology, Eastern Medicine (Ayurvedic and Chinese) to treat my depression. I’m no longer buying the “Serotonin Theory”. I thought that once you triggered the Serotonin through SSRI’s, you will immediately become happy but such is not the case with me. Maybe Acupuncture can help me, I don’t know.

(Justin Brown) #2

Thanks for sharing your experience of life with such an incredible array of concepts that seem to be shaping it! Perfect fodder for Ideapod and a community coming together in seeing how we all understand these different elements.

@saintmel45, what kind of feedback or contributions to this discussion are you looking for? Would you like people to share their own experiences with depression, learning to live with it, finding solutions to it? Are you looking to explore some of the different concepts or potential treatments you’ve raised, such as CBD oil, ketamine, marijuana, Christianity, etc?

Perhaps you can indicate some parameters to guide this discussion. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Ideapod community and I’m sure many people would love to provide some input.

Personally, I haven’t experienced depression. Some people I’m very close to have experienced it at quite a crippling level. I don’t know how they’ve managed to learn to live with it, except to say that I wrote this article about finding reasons to live with all of this in mind.

Apart from this, please share some thoughts on what you’re looking for and we can get stuck into a hopefully enlightening discussion!