Narrow is the road that leads to heaven

(Mel Saint) #1

That was the Gospel yesterday for Sunday’s Mass. Narrow is the road for the “stairway to heaven” and wide is the gates to hell. One thing I’ve noticed is that people want money but do not want to toil for it. Just recenlty, a friend of mine said that Jeff Bezos being the richest guy in the world, having amassed 100 Billion Dollars in his lifetime, could have just easily bought a private island and party all day long. Well, it doesn’t work that way. As a CEO of a publicly listed company, you no longer have time for yourself. That’s the trade-off: you got lots of money but you don’t have time. Imagine if all those whining poor people think this way, only looking at the bright side of things, but never the struggles along the way. If I were a medical doctor, I would have found the cure for cancer and AIDS. But I am a Finance grad, and what I discovered is the Holy Grail for trading and gambling. I got tired already of the crooked system of this world. Lots of whiners, but never doing anything extra to advance their lives.

(Bill Ames) #2

How are you making it better?