New guy don't know what to say

(Renjith S) #1

Hi Guys
Im from India,I like to write somestuffs,experienced individuals can give some tips
(ideapod things) :hugs:

(Justin Brown) #2

Welcome, @RsR3. This #whoswho category is for introducing yourself however you want to do that. You could share your values, purpose in life, thinks you’re interested in… Whatever you feels defines your identity in some way.

For me, lately I’ve really felt my passion for my Australian football team surge forth. It defines me in some way. So that’s something I could write about here.

For others, love often defines them. Are you in a relationship? Do you have a family you feel close to? Are there close friends in your life who mean something to you?

Who are you? What makes you tick? Let’s explore it together.