Nutritionist and Personal Trainer


I am a Nutritionist and EREPS certified Personal Trainer. At present I am living in Kolkata, India. I provide personal training and nutritional advises to people. I am helping people to get in shape and also cure various diseases through diet. My goal is to make the world a healthy and better place.


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Can you tell us which ones?


Diabetes, Fatty Liver, High Blood Pressure, Atherosclerosis, Auto Immune Condition like Arthritis, Anxiety, Depression, COPD, PCOS, Obesity etc.


Wonderful. Is this free or will your treatments be covered by medical insurance?


In India there is very little concept of Medical Insurance. People use to pay by their own and not from any insurance. My service is not totally free.


What is the Efficacy of your treatments? Do you have a place where people can tell of their experience using your services?

In india, are the really sick or injured accepted by a hospital by law, can not be turned away? What has kept medical insurance from taking root in India, it is just a business and there are always people who will be interested.


I do have fatty liver, high blood, bipolar disorder and depression.


If you need help regarding your diseases, then feel free to contact me for consultation.