Obama is The Antichrist


Yes Obama is the devil, the Antichrist in Revelations 13. He is the 1st Beast. The 2nd Beast will be the “Jewish Messiah” who will be worshipped by the Jews like Ben Shapiro.

According to St. Paul, our enemies are Principalities and Powers, unseen with the naked eye:

“For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.”

Being trapped in the political landscape or scheme of things is the Devil’s deception to mislead us, not to think, that we are already in the End of Time.

We are now in the “terrible times in end of days”.


This is pure hate literature and should be banned.

If I see anything like this again I will cancel my connections to Ideapod.


this sort of drivel should be banned… this is not what Ideapod was made for!


Ideapod Discussions is pretty new and evolving. Let’s use this post as a way to start articulating some of the principles we want to have in this discussions area.

I plan to write up some principles soon so that it’s all much clearer. For now, I would really value the input of the community.

Therefore, I have some questions:

@saintmel45 can you please articulate more clearly some of the assumptions behind what you’re proposing here? Ideapod is a place for people to learn from each other about how they think. You obviously believe that the Revelations are the “word of God” in some way, and you’re interpreting modern day events and leaders based on what you’ve read as the “word of God”… This at least is my assumption. I’d like to learn more about why you believe what you believe so that at least your own assumptions are being shared with everyone, rather than making such definitive statements which don’t really give us much chance to get into a discussion.

@jesuislaplume you mention “hate literature”. Can you share a few thoughts on the kinds of writing you think should have no place on Ideapod? I value both freedom of speech and exploring ideas from the margins, but also want to make sure that Ideapod is a place where people feel welcomed. Please share your own thoughts about this.

@Karin you mention “what Ideapod was made for.” I am so curious to know more of your thinking about this. It always fascinates me how people react to Ideapod, which in turn helps to create what Ideapod becomes in the future. Please share more!

To share my own thoughts on this particular post, it raises the idea of seeing a particular human being as a “beast”. I haven’t read the Revelations at all so I can’t comment on what was intended by “beast”. But just from my initial reaction, I will tell you that I am a beast. I love the beast within me. I have a human nature that I strive to connect with, so that my human nature is expressed through my actions. I love to think of myself as a beast, with a wild side. I also see that I’m imperfect, that I am capable of evil, and therefore I’ve got the devil inside me.

There are so many “concepts” being shared here and I am interested in unpacking “concepts”. It’s how we react to concepts such as “beast” and “devil” that I find problematic, based on collective understandings that need to be explored more deeply.


The Beast is in the Revelation 13. It is directly written there the 2 Beasts: the beast from the sea and the land. I am more into interpretation of eschatology, which is defined as the study of end time prophecies. There’s also a prophecy of St Malachy that states that Pope Francis is already the final pope.

My article is no way political by nature, it is eschatological. Because we tend to view things from a postmodern perspective without taking into account the “Biblical viewpoint”. It is in some sort, denying God’s words. When we are trapped in the political musings of our time, without taking into consideration what has been predicted, we will be lost in the endless stream of propaganda.


This is not a “hate literature”. You are also the same person that portrayed Jesus as a “political activist”. If you read the Bible, Jesus never advocated for a political struggle or revolution. What he sought for is the Kingdom of Heaven and not a political kingdom that the Jews were aspiring for. Up to now, Ben Shapiro is still waiting for the “poltical messiah” that will lift Israel against the Palestinians.


Sorry Justin, if I have misunderstood your intentions.
Is it OK to call Obama satan?
I could call Trump lots of names under the sun, and find literature to back me up… but I don’t think that is either constructive nor innovative.
Your words, Justin:
“We aim to provide a platform where an alternative story of humanity is created, one that heralds the beginnings of a more beautiful world.”
Where does slamming of an individual make this place “a platform to… more beautiful world”? To me it seems that this forum is debased to “net troll” platform when we let individuals devalue other individuals…
We have all good/bad/evil/imperfect sides to us, but it’s not up to someone else to pinpoint … How about a bit more introspection, find the beast inside yourself, fine! Don’t point the finger at others and define who they are…
I get saddened by this sort of negativity…


The benefit of exploring all of this with an open mind, at least in this case, is we can unpack some of our assumption and beliefs around the word “Satan”.

I just googled for the definition and found this:

the name used by Christians and Jews for the devil (= a powerful evil force and the enemy of God)

So already we are uncovering the perspectivr from which the original comments are derived. I’m finding this a useful journey myself. I have lived my life as part of cultures shaped by the Jewish and Christian faiths. But I’m not Christian nor Jewish.

So in my desire to be part of the creation of a new story for humanity, this helps me to be quite clear that this notion of “Satan” isn’t so relevant to me. I’m not scared of the devil because it’s a human-created concept. Labeling something as Satanic has less potency.

@saintmel45’s labeling of Obama as Satanic says more to me now about him and his belief system, from where is derived from.


Jordan Peterson says an analysis of one’s actions is the closest measure of one’s belief or foundational axioms. Basically, I suggest to saint Mel that you list the actions of Obama that demonstrate his foundational axioms. I find many examples where he and Hillary Clinton in alliance can easily be perceived as evil . During her term as secretary of state for example, she,under his directive intervened in Haiti where workers were organizing for a higher wage from 30 cents an hour to 60 cents. She intervened to stop the measure and kept the wages at 30 cents. As if she hadn’t hurt Haitians enough already.


I personally wouldn’t fall into humanistic intellectualization of Peterson, and sweeping the religious interpretation under the rug. That is the greatest fallacy of Postmodernism: the setting aside of God, Bible, scriptures, anything religious. Peterson is a psychologist, and psychology is just part and parcel of a bigger philosophical spectrum. Lest we fall into psychological reductionism.


Hi Karin! Sorry to offend your political correctness. But my post isn’t political by nature, it’s eschatological. If we go back in time, during the time of Hitler and the Nazi’s, we could see all those Aryan Race propagandism; we too would have been trapped in the political propaganda of that time. But we do have now the “longer view”, that the World War 2 wasn’t just a battle of Anti-Semitic ideology, it’s also part of prophecy. There is also a grand narrative of “good vs evil”. Of Axis Power vs Allied Forces. Relegating the Biblical Prophecies, into set of “opinions”, wouldn’t deny the existence of it, nor preclude its eventual forthcoming. So it’s better to be advanced in thinking rather than be naive about it.


All right then , you should definitely craft your views your way. My interpretation of it is my task. Thanks for responding.


Justin, you are avoiding my question:
is it ok to label someone with one’s own ideas/philosophy/religion/whatever? This has to do with respect for the individual. Is this the platform you wanted to create?
Ok, so saintmeld45 reveals who he is, by saying what he says… but it’s not fair on the individual named… Call himself satan, and then we can talk… expand by defining who satan is for himself, fine. But don’t label or shame others… that’s just low/bullying.
This has nothing to do with religion or politics. It has to do with how we treat each other. We are all human beings, fighting some battle. We are not here to judge each other…


Well then, by your logic, every politician is “evil” as no politician will always do right by everyone…


I’m sure you’re right, my navigating on this subject must have some fundamental flaw or flaws of logic or why else would I struggle with this effort.
Still, what choice do I have but to think,observe and draw conclusions. I am convinced that his actions portray an evil unrivaled in American presidential history. If I say it is it hate speech ?


If I may ask, are you an atheist or agnostic? Do you believe in God? Are you a Bible believing Christian?


Uncovering the assumptions behind the labels we place on others is what I find most interesting. It helps all of us to learn more about ourselves, how we think, as well as the thinking of others. I think that having these kinds of engagements is really important in an age of polarization.

I don’t believe these efforts will result in getting rid of labels, though. Language is important. Concepts help to structure our existence.

Therefore, I don’t have an issue with “using one’s own ideas/philosophy/religion/whatever” to “label someone”. To be even more specific, it doesn’t concern me that someone is using Ideapod to label a politician as an agent of Satan. But the important proviso is this: the person assigning those labels must be open to examining and articulating their own assumptions, so that we can question the very idea of what “Satan” and “evil” is.

This opens up so many interesting conversations for the modern age.

Having said all of this, please note that Ideapod Discussions is in its infancy and we’re learning what it’s going to become. I wouldn’t want it to become a place for incendiary and knee-jerk conversations.


You obviously have no idea what Jordan Peterson is.
The man cannot be boxed as a psychologist by any measure. A psychologist sees a patient through a lens of psychological thought. Jordan Peterson has that lens to be sure, but the man at his core is an evolutionary biologist. He doesn’t see through mere decades of psychological study or hundreds of years of human behavior or thousands of years of mere religious dogma but millions of years of evolution.
That coupled with his rare level of interest makes him an anomaly you will never comprehend. Lest you fall into philosophical reductionism.


Interesting that you didn’t mention Judaism or Islamism, or indeed any other faith… I am none of the above. I am eclectic in my choice of what I believe in. Just as in politics I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican. Sometimes a Democrat has a good message, sometimes a Republican… I believe that there is always a choice in life, and I like expanding ideas. What I don’t like is naming/labeling people, as you name Obama the antichrist. That does the opposite of expanding, it lessens and lowers the debate. It is a judgement, and who are you to judge? I believe in kindness and that we are all struggling in life. Call yourself the antichrist! That’s far more interesting… or better still look up the Dalai Lama for guidance…and no, I am not a Buddhist. I wouldn’t know enough about Buddhism to label myself with that one. All religions have something interesting, I believe in seeking the good inside of us, not the evil… because whatever you focus on, will take up most place in your life…so choose your thoughts and how you think, wisely…


I’m just a modern day prophet who’s using the internet to share the interpretation of the prophecies to those who want to be saved from the upcoming Armageddon. I do respect your religious beliefs, if you don’t subscribe to any, freedom of religion is enshrined in the Constitution. We are living in a very interesting time, since we are in the End of Days. And we are in the Age of Noah. Where people have become corrupt and evil. The time is ripe for Jesus to come back again to judge the living and the dead.

I am not a Buddhist and they believe in negation. That emptiness is the goal of life. In Christianity, it is theosis or the union with God. It is supernatural by nature. Since we are both protected by freedom of speech and freedom of religion, neither of us should be restrained. Each one of us has a voice to be heard, and no one voice should supersede the other.

So with that being said, I invoke the First Amendment.