On Facing Fears


What happens when we let go of our fears? We can live better and maximize our potential as human beings. I’m on antidepressant now and what it does to me is to make me numb. It makes me neither happy nor sad. I’ve realized that I was so crippled with fear that if I listen to them more, the more that I won’t be able to accomplish anything in my life. We have so many fears in life, most common is fear of losing money. The modern life is anchored on money, as the world nowadays is just one capitalistic machine running on the fuel of money. I’ve realized that there will be people who will be insensitive to the pain and hard work of others simply because they are the ruling class now. Forgetting that they were once working in the bottom level too. People get so egoistic once they’re on top. Antidepressants seem to lessen the pain I’m feeling. But I remember someone saying: Antidepressant cannot make you love a job you hate.


Interesting question. I don’t think we can ever truly let go of out fears, I think we are better off if we confront them, and explore why we feel such fear. Even though it is uncomfortable and painful, it helps to know where our fears originated. As you say, when we numb our painful emotions (whether it be by Antidepressant medication, alcohol, food, shopping or any other means), we also numb our positive emotions.


Name the fear, create a tool to combat it , face it and at the very least, you will see that you can take it.

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