Our view of the world requires time for inspection!


time-lapse video link

Doing a time-lapse video is not difficult. This example was made about 27 miles south of Cape Canaveral Florida with the camera pointing north. It is not difficult to make such videos requiring nothing more than a web camera, a PC, some straightforward software and a video editor.

This post also allowed me to exercise the video and image capability of the new Ideapod software.



Another way to present the video is to just paste the youtube link as I have done below, it results in being able to watch the video here:


I used the insert link functionality and I do prefer your way, just paste as a text string I assume. Thank you for the “tip”.


Our view of the world is also internal visualization through math and other techniques to gauge our awareness of reality.
For example I sit in Sacramento, I look to east to the sunrise and marvel that where I stand , the earth is spinning roughly 1,000 miles an hour while clouds continue generally to pass me towards the sunrise, that would mean that the atmosphere is spinning even faster and in the same overall direction as the planet.
Add to that the fact that the earth is traveling over 1.5 million miles per day is quite astounding in its implications. Add still as I stand here that gravity travels equal to the speed of light that there must be causality between the sun and my standing here in the force moment.


As Buckminster Fuller once said, we’re all passengers on Spaceship Earth.