Palestine: US Economic Assistance?

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Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday rejected the economic plan. “The economic situation should not be discussed before the political one,” Abbas said on Saturday. “As long as there is no political solution, we do not deal with any economic solution,” reported Al-Jazeera.

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I read that and I do not understand the logic. Suppose the economic problem was resolved first and everyone was living a good life, was well educated, employed, life expectancy to 96 and technology had provided high speed trains and driverless cars and the society was recognized around the world as a very good example. Say it took 70 years. So, lets say they argue the political situation for 70 years, they make no economic progress and are worse off then they are now. Why is that better?

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Steve Pieczenik’s commentary:

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In the world. the real physical world, does the world care about the belief of the creatures who scurry about the surface? In a world where everyone was educated, had work they enjoyed and was appreciated, had all the food and clean water and health care that was needed, how would the world react to one of its members that was complaining about something based on a “belief” was not being equally recognized? Let us solve the economic problems first.

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Would you say that the US War of Independence (1776-81) was primarily about solving economic problems?

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Not really, we were dealing with a King who we could not negotiate with. Think, if we had been able to negotiate with regular people who saw the opportunities we had here. We might all be British citizens.And as the empire grew we might now rule the world.

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Is this not precisely the complaint of British colonials in US North America?

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No, our argument was with a “king”, and he does not negotiate. Why should he, after all, why be King if all you got is a castle and crown but no power?

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See, now, I find that answer not to be smart but I will try to continue the discussion by looking for mutually overlapping latitude of acceptance which I believed might be found by referring to US history.

(Bill Ames) #12

Our history would have been different if our knowledge of the world, what was actually going on in the minds of those in England that had power to influence the king. We could have built a business relationship with these people and being smart they would have been willing to support their own pocket books.

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My point here is that my ancestors, descended from Edward Doty arriving on the Mayflower in 1620, decided that English governance was intolerable and committed treason by going to war with the sovereign. This was a political act which, in the event of failure, would have cost them their lives and property. The Palestinians are making a similar decision. I can relate. Mutually overlapping latitudes of acceptance.

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I got a trace back to some relatives there in 910 (the year) and yes, people live for the moment and do what they must. How are the Palestinians helping themselves not accepting all the perks of civilized life? Are the Palestinians who have the highest level of education, are wealthy business owners, wealthy sports players out front throwing rocks at the wall?

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We Amercans fought for freedom. Palestinians in Gaza are fighting for freedom. How is the similarity escaping you?

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From a mad King. Who, name the person the Palestinians are fighting against?

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They are fighting against my ancestor’s descendants.

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Based on how people have families we need to do DNA analysis to remove any of them from the Palestinians people. And we need to identify all people in the world who are connected to your ancestors as they are potential targets. I bet the Palestinians do not know who to fight with. Do all the people of the world connected to your ancestor believe they are in a war with all Palestinians?

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Most are grotesquely ill-informed yet hold rabidly strong opinions.

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It is the next generation that must be clearly informed and be educated how to think. Facts are much more digestible than opinions.