Palestine: US Economic Assistance?

(ACD) #21

If you are referring to people my nephew’s age, forget it. Utterly hopeless. No interest in current affairs what so ever.

(Bill Ames) #22

I am 76, when things were current I was interested. I purchased and read cover to cover Newsweek and Time from late 60s until late 90s. Now we have different views of current affairs depending on your media source, your political source and your religious source. Who’s current affairs do you believe in?

(ACD) #23

This does not change according to the source. You believed what you read in the past and did not know there was any other credible version. You were wrong.

(Bill Ames) #24

If we can agree, the only way to know what happens in the real world is to be a fly on the wall where all the events are planned and a fly on the wall where the events happen. If we had the ability to witness the real truth of anything how would that change how we lived our lives. We might go around and tell our versions of stuff but no one would believe us so why do it? We may change the way we think about people or groups of people but we do not have the resources to do anything about them. So why do I want to read someone else’s version, I am not going to do anything different. I don’t do anything to shape the world at my age, and 50 years ago, I had just started a family and needed to support them. My world view has been developed by my life long interest in science fiction. I have watched science change, so my science fiction’s science became real. The world is now being run by people who would be in the comic books of my youth. In 100 years, we will have a whole new cast of characters. Hopefully, my alien and AI buddies will save their butts.