People ignore the most important questions

(Mel Saint) #1

If you can trace the struggle of the modern man, it is all linked with money. And yet, the people are so much absorbed in the trappings of rat race. So absorbed that they think that the Matrix is real. Descartes first posited about it in his “Evil Daemon” fooling our senses. The only thing sure is that we can doubt. The mere fact that we can doubt means that exist. To doubt is to exist. To doubt the Matrix is to exist. I have already formulated the Theory to end all theories when it comes to money. It is so simple that I wonder why a mathematician like James Simmons failed to see it. Anyways, I have already debunked the correlation between Math and Money. The two are not necessarily intertwined. Jeff Bezos left Wall Street to start a book online delivery in his garage. If only people will see that everything is just freaking simple then all struggles in the world will end.

(Bill Ames) #2

Before money we had chickens and eggs, true it was difficult to make change, but we still do not think poorly of them. Perhaps money is not necessary? What if everyone had a value and based on that value would get what they need? Solves the chicken (er money problem.)

(Mel Saint) #3

I don’t know if it’s possible to act on anything nowadays, without money. What is true during Hunter-Gatherer days, is no longer true today. Not unless, you’re in an Amish community. Or you’re in a commune cut off from the grid, with bunch of fellow Millenial Hippies. But that gets old real quick. Instead of completely abandoning the notion of money, why not use money for the greater good? I believe that’s a much more healthier perspective rather than hating money per se. I’m not an either-or guy, I’m more of a both-and.

(Bill Ames) #4

Guy with the windows money, it must be difficult to figure out what the greatest good for that 40 million will be this morning. Not easy, greatest good is so subjective. Good for who? Better off to feed the chickens, at least that’s a meal.

(Grady Graves) #5

Isn’t money a tool to simplify the bartering system? I may need carpentry work, pork to eat and a loom to clothe my wretched Body, but the providers, currently do not need what I have to offer. Therefore cash enables us to balance the circle of needs.