Providing feedback when it may be hurtful, like the last performance review you got or gave

(Bill Ames) #1

Continuing the discussion from The art of disagreeing (community guidelines):

What I find frustrating is the narrow range of humanity I see here. A post here in this room of Facebook needs to have a purpose. We can have links to articles that will enlighten those who have an interest in being informed. We have posts from people asking for help and will often get a comprehensive and insightful range of opinions for their problem. It will be up to them to figure out what is the best answer if that ability is available to them. We could discuss Ideapod, but we are not privileged to know the business plan that is guiding it so our ideas, while viewed by themselves, may be counter to the design goals of Ideapod, so we do not say anything. We are exposed here to stories and comments that lack the ability for a response, I fail to see how that is supposed to build exchanges of ideas. I do not know any way of discussing religion or politics in such a limited audience. There would be all kinds of fights, and I do not believe that anyone would be able to see the point of view of another that is trying to destroy humanity. That is how they view each other. We do not attempt to build on an idea until it can be actually implemented, that is not the purpose of Ideapod. I would love to have a discussion with someone here but if I found such a person the topics covered would be so broad that they would not fit under a single header. When I have a conversation with people, I know we may be discussing 4 or 5 things concurrently. That would not work on Ideapod.
I would like to find someone from the US to discuss the 2020 elections, am I the only poster from the states? It seems I have the opportunity to try and see the US from the perspective of people who want to eliminate the use of fossil fuels, totally open borders, free universal health care, education, and a guaranteed income. Some times I believe it might be necessary to forget what science has taught us for the last 2000 years actually to see things from someone else’s perspective. I want Ideapod to grow and get better. My view of Ideapod is just what we see here in Discussions. I am retired and do not spend money like I did when I was still working. I still want to learn skills, I will pay to learn skills, I will teach others so they can learn a skill. All they need to do is ask. Our skills are what makes us different. Our skills are what allows us to be creative, and the reason we exist is to create.

(ACD) #2

“We’re now one of the largest media sites on mindfulness in the world with over 2 million monthly readers.”

(Bill Ames) #3

Is that 2 million different people in a month? Perhaps it is a small collection that visit each day and each visit is added to a monthly total? Are these people who are desperately in need of help, nothing wrong with that, but if you poll the beggars as who is most popular it might be one or two generous rich people. Statistics have no meaning, they are too easy to manipulate.

(ACD) #4

What I find remarkable is that ipeapod is described as a mindfulness site. Ask Lachlan.

(Bill Ames) #5

Learn to pronounce
the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.
“their mindfulness of the wider cinematic tradition”
a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.

Now, after looking up that word, it seems harmless enough, it is what all sentient people do. Having a website based on this term is like having a website for people who are alive. The description seems to fit my cat very well. She is always focusing on the current moment. Never has long term plans.

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Mindfulness has been trendy for several years among millenials.

(Bill Ames) #7

From my perspective, it is who I am that I speak of, trendy is such a silly distraction. They can amuse themselves.

(ACD) #8

Fair enough but your topic here and elsewhere is what to make of ideapod.

(Bill Ames) #9

I answered Justin with the information he needs to make Ideapod much better. Did you respond? When good advice is offered it requires a lot of effort by those receiving such insight to make effective use of it. This topic is not about the failures at Ideapod, it is about making it better.

(ACD) #10

Is mindfulness focus a failure?

(Bill Ames) #11

It is a distraction from the needs that must be addressed. It is a word, a feeling. It is not an action plan.

(ACD) #12

Have you not noticed that it is baked into the business plan, such as it is?

(Bill Ames) #13

What Ideapod currently is has little meaning compared to what it can be in 3-4 years. That is an accurate assessment based on my expertise.

(ACD) #14

I read your notes. Not sure anyone else did so.

(Bill Ames) #15

You should offer your opinion.

(ACD) #16

I have been in touch with Justin about this project since it was a twinkling in his eye. My main advice has been to develop a business plan which he avoided doing for a long time. Not sure there is one in place yet. Your notion of tracking progress toward explicit detailed goals is right on the money.

(Bill Ames) #17

He is very lucky that he can spend time and money doing things his way. Many product developers have deliverables but when you are playing in your own sandbox it is always by your rules.

(ACD) #18

This does not seem to be altogether true.

(Bill Ames) #19

Are you suggesting that Justin is a prisoner of the walls of his own sandbox? I could accept that.

(Bill Ames) #21

I am sure and the sand castles built since the box was filled were his vision, a pay to play scenario.