Providing feedback when it may be hurtful, like the last performance review you got or gave

(ACD) #22

This is one reason I was surprised to see it described as a mindfulness site.

(Bill Ames) #23

I believe that is the the target demographic, people have lost the use of their minds and need help that they will pay for. Paying money to find your mind is a rational decision but to be rational implies the use of the mind.

(ACD) #24

I targeted this market for my hotel but marketed an established loyal base of macrobiotic followers.

(Bill Ames) #25

It would be interesting to hear your story but we do not stray intopic, if you wish to enlighten me post a reply as a new topic.

(ACD) #26

Do you mean about macrobiotic marketing?

(Bill Ames) #27

and a hotel? Both sound interesting.

(ACD) #28

I was intoduced to the Kushi Institute in Massachusetts and implemented an educational retreat for its members at the Tilghman Island Inn during the more fobidding months when log cabin camping in the Bershires was not so appealing.

Is it possible to be successful in this world without doing it by the labor of others?
(Bill Ames) #29

Off topic. Reply as new topic.

(ACD) #30

Are you saying that ideapod is for people who have lost their minds?

(Bill Ames) #31

If you figure out the target demographics of Ideapod based on what Ideapod posts and sells you will see it offers a lot of help for people with defective minds. People with deep psychological problems. People in depression. People with a poor grasp on themselves and the world. If you are selling umbrellas you do not open a shop in the Atacama Desert. If you look at what Ideapod offers you will have to assume that Ideapod expects the majority of those on Ideapod need what they are selling. They are not selling to you or me, we are here because we are the type of people that enjoys helping.

(ACD) #32

So is it like a needle exchange program?

(Bill Ames) #33

I do not see how that applies. It is not drugs that causes this demographic lot to have problems, it is how they were raised. They are a product of the failure of the process that made them. Can you explain?

(ACD) #34

I was comparing addicts exchanging needles in order to avoid disease transmission with the psychologically troubled coming to ideapod for help in order to avoid the consequences of depression.

(Bill Ames) #35

Getting a clean needle helps you from being made ill from a dirty needle. It does not cure you of your need for drugs.

Going to Ideapod to get help with your mental issues is like a drug addict seeking counseling for their problem.

You do not get anything from Ideapod that facilitates your continuation with your psychological problems.

You can not avoid the consequences of either problems, you must eliminate the problem.

(Bob Copeland) #36

I don’t have any quarrel with Ideapod in principle since what they are attempting to do is next to impossible. I hate to be a wet blanket but there are very few people in the world that think about the broader issues. Unfortunately, with a limited amount of available energy in the universe (energy converts, but never expands to “more”) it is a matter of whose oxen gets gored as a result of the latest decision by the hoy polyol. I’ve read Bill Aimes’ comments & don’t have a comment on most of it except for the 2020 elections except to say that “good luck” to my American cousins on that one unless Bill is a fervent Trump “no matter what” supporter because I sense Trump will win again. If you want a little controversy for Ideapod, I suggest my American cousins are in the present dilemma because my British cousins scared the living hell out of my American cousins to the extent that they designed a system in which no one has the upper hand when it comes to effective counter balances to put it politely. Hence Emperor Trump to put it mildly.

How to prove the lack of election interference? (Hint, it is not possible, read to learn why.)
(Bill Ames) #37

(Bob Copeland) #38

I think everyone uses tactical voting as you have described. Your country has carried it a step further with altering gerrymandering for the incumbent’s advantage & making it difficult for some ethnic groups to register (annually??) for voting since they aren’t likely to go the incumbent’s way. Personally, I think my American cousins are perfectly delightful & highly amusing.

(Justin Brown) #39

This isn’t accurate. Lachlan is referring to his website:

This certainly would be true of pretty much everything.

We do have a business plan and clear goals to work towards. I won’t go into details here, but it’s not complicated. We generate revenue from advertising on the main site (you don’t see the ads because you’re logged in as a registered users - this will change soon), eBook sales, online course sales and Prime membership. We’re attempting to shift focus from advertising to the other products, but recognise it will take time. We prefer to go slow and move iteratively forward. We’re also developing a new product called a “filter bubble buster” which is quite different from anything you currently see on the site. It’s not the right time to go into details about this new product. When we have a prototype available, I’m sure it will be discussed here.

Personally, I’m not into “mindfulness”. I don’t really know what it means. I think that become more “aware” in every moment is usually good advice for people. Learning how to get into your own “flow state” is also useful for many people. “Mindfulness” isn’t for me, but yes we do have a large audience of people who are interested in finding out more about mindfulness. We also have many articles on the topic.

Finally, just to offer some additional clarification, it may be confusing to try and understand Ideapod from what you see in this discussions area. Please note this is a small project. Our main focus is on the Ideapod website, creating content that builds an audience via Google search engines, social media and our weekly email newsletter. We need to build a new front page that better organizes all of our content so that people can come directly to the site and find something they are interested in. Right now, everything is optimized for inbound traffic for people who haven’t yet discovered Ideapod. That’s where our audience is. But it will change over time. As more people come directly to Ideapod, a small percentage will come into this discussions area, which is what I’m sure the participants of this conversation are waiting for.

Our online course offerings are in the “self-development” sector. I think everyone has a “defective” mind as you term it, in that we all experience anxiety, depression, guilt, etc. Many people are looking for inspiration, knowledge or tools that help them to live a more fulfilling life.

(ACD) #40

It seems all to be cut of the same cloth.

(Justin Brown) #41

Very helpful. That article is for Prime members. I didn’t realize it was appearing here in the discussions area. Thanks!