Providing feedback when it may be hurtful, like the last performance review you got or gave

(ACD) #42

“Ideapod’s editor-in-chief. Also the founder of Hack Spirit, a blog on eastern philosophy and self-improvement… Ideapod launched its online magazine that now reaches millions of people every month. Our editorial focus, driven by Lachlan Brown …”

(Justin Brown) #43

Ideapod also has a self-improvement focus. The original topic seems focused on wanting a more diverse audience here, but it’s quite natural that the community of people that join this discussions area would like to have conversations in the self-improvement/psychology given our content focus over the last few years.

(ACD) #44

This is what Bill and I were discussing.

(Bill Ames) #45

What Ideapod is now is not important, it is what it must be in 3-4 years if it is to be successful. Something I would smile at is 3-4 years from now, a profitable (that is often the measure of success) Ideapod is on the screen in front of Justin and he says in hushed tones, “But, this is not what I was creating back then!” This is the only way it will happen.