Psychology says finding meaning in life comes down to 4 basic pillars


Self-reflection is good but to what extent is it too much? At every point of our lives, we ask ourselves: Am I happy?

This question haunts us as we live our everyday lives, but psychology says that what people really desire for is finding meaning in life.

In a study conducted by the Harris Poll Survey of American Happiness, only ⅓ of Americans report feelings of happiness. The others? Well, not so.

In an age when we are encouraged to consistently evaluate our position in the world, and therefore, how we feel about being in it, the search for happiness not only becomes tedious but discouraging.

Self-reflection becomes a forced part of our culture, telling us to reevaluate our otherwise perfect jobs, relationships, homes, and lives. And the results aren’t very flattering.

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Happiness is a part of life. Hmm, a person is part of environment, inseparable , can a person truly pay attention while happy ?


Is happiness nothing more than accomplishing the tasks you have accepted as responsibilities? All my life I have attempted to bring order to the very random world. I am uncomfortable when the next item to address is not known or is not apparent among all that could be done. I know I am not going to save the world but I try to do or say things that can be part of a solution. I enjoy seeing people enjoying themselves but I temper that thought when it is apparent the people have better choices, things they will enjoy more but are not aware of them. Such is the world. People that need the most help will get help by talking about themselves. Unfortunately those that need help are very reluctant to do this. Perhaps Ideapod can find a solution for this?


Bill , I suspect that happiness must be more than accomplishing tasks, I can be happy watching a puppy for example, I can feel happy laughing at a comedian, when I laugh at a comedian , it seems to be dopamine response to commonalities with myself , making familiar territory out of unfamiliar territory . The funny thing about territory is I think it’s a false mental construct. I’m in my environment , what is my environment boundary ? There isn’t one other than the mental construct. I’m in my kitchen, house, neighborhood, city , state , country, world , Galaxy , universe . I think categories help mapping though.


A lamp shade can enjoy the puppy but does not post it on FB. Only when you do something can you truly be happy. Look at all the progress in human history. How much of that was done by people that were unhappy with making it happen? Think of the people who did nothing, were they happy?


I suspect that a lampshade doesn’t enjoy puppies. Happiness is not a worthy goal of mine nor do I wish it to be some sort of happy ending for my loved ones.
Happiness is a fleeting blend of chemicals, thoughts and experience , dancing is a perfect example .
But when the dance is over you need something real that sustains you. Clarity is an example of a worthy goal.