Purpose Driven Life


I’m 32 next month and even up to now, I still haven’t really figured out what I want in my life. I finished Accountancy in College but really didn’t like it. I worked in so many companies, from tech to finance. I am now looking to study again, and this time, Civil Engineering. There’s actually a lot of things that I want to study: Philosophy, Culinary, Agriculture, Computer Science. I’m also thinking of doing an MBA or Master’s in Tech Management. I’m also thinking of studying in MIT and Harvard for Development Economics. There’s actually a lot! I really didn’t want to study again initially, but I got so bored in life. Maybe my meaningless life will have a purpose once I do study again and learn something new. I’m torn between doing a Tim Sykes of just concentrating on Trading and Charity or studying again. I’m also torn between setting up my own corporation vs sticking to trading alone. All of these purposes are equally valid that’s why it’s hard to know which path is the best for me right now. I also want to settle down and get married and have kids BUT there’s a part of me that still wants to enjoy because I haven’t
enjoyed life yet. All my 20’s were devoted to working nonstop. And in this Feminist era, it’s really hard to find a woman who is still worthy of my love. I don’t know but there’s a lot of confusion in my brain right now. Hope someone can shed a light!


Find something to learn, to master, that will allow you to express your creative ability. That is the reason the universe, you, and me, exist, is to create. Try not to be a consumer of time, be one who makes time have value.


I’m 37 years old and feel like I can identify with a lot of what you’re saying. When I was about your age, I made the decision to fully commit to Ideapod. However, I didn’t focus enough on mastering my skills.

Now, I believe that having expertise is incredibly important. It helps to create autonomy, which is essential for creative expression that is connected to our deeper nature. My own skills are in the area of digital media, having built an audience for Ideapod. I’m now trying to master some skills around online education delivery. It’s all connected to a connection with a deeper purpose and my own creativity.


You say, " I’m now trying to master some skills around online education delivery." Can I suggest you expand the demographics of your pupils? You might find a lesson you deliver will be appreciated by a much wider audience that you have in front of you. There can be people that are smarter or less educated than their biological age. I learn from every encounter but if I just frequented forums for retired senior citizens I would probably be less than satisfied. When I have to talk about something I find I am much more comfortable talking about things that have meaning to me. I may say the same thing a dozen different ways as it is my goal to share my passion. When I had to talk about things that were just work-related, I had to talk about a company product that I knew was not very good, I had to carefully prepare my delivery. I did not enjoy doing it. My advice is talk about “I did this and it helped me do that” rather than “you should do this because it will make you better at that.” Share your success, not someone’s failures.