Random Thoughts

(Mel Saint) #1

It’s been a while since I last blogged here in Ideapod. My father had a stroke and he’s still recovering in the hospital. The hospital bill is high and we have to split the bill among siblings to cover the expense. Money is not an assurance since there are billionaires who could very well afford medical bills and best doctors but in the end, still end up dying. I also have my own battle against heart disease and I decided that in the end, just yield to the Big Pharma. I tried going the Naturopathic path but my triglycerides were still high and I have gallstones. My SVT arrythmia is gone but it was replaced by Mild Mitrial Regurgitation. My fatty liver is gone but it was replaced by gallstones. I’m not even drinking anymore and never smoked my entire life! While I see my peers smoking every now and then, drinking to the max, and yet no damage to their bodies. So I just think it’s unfair given this genetics and family history that is prone to diseases. Giving up drinking is hard for me since I enjoy drinking especially the feeling of being drunk. It numbs my emotions and temporarily freezes my shyness and inhibition since I’m an introvert. But since alcohol can ruin the blood flow in my heart, I was advised not to drink. I just borrowed from the bank to start my trading business. It’s like every time I wanted to embark on my trading, there’s always a bad shit coming up sucking up all my resources. Money cannot save us. I don’t have much faith in the doctors anymore. Everything is upto God. I decided that I’ll just eat whatever I want and just take my maintenance drugs for my high blood. I’m so sick and tired of going through different blood tests, and still get negative results.

(Bill Ames) #2

I believe that God wants you to participate in the decisions needed to maximize the quality of your life.