Reality check: Once you learn these 8 harsh realities of life, you'll be much stronger

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It isn’t until we accept some brutal realities of life that we can make a change and be better versions of ourselves. Sometimes we need a reality check to see how we are doing.

If you want to change your life for the better, you might want to stop chasing rainbows and butterflies and take a long hard look at what’s really going on in your life.

(paul pellico) #2

I hate replying here all the time in negative ways, but it seems far to many writings are simple “Up With People” or kindergarten level optimism.
Let me take these points one at a time.
1 You can’t go back.
Well, you not only can go back but it is impossible to leave the past behind. I scoff at the new AI press about how soon we will be taken over by AI machines. ANYBODY who really meditates and thinks about the mind and what is there and going on will realize there is no way. The complicated work, the storage taking place, the constant thinking and coordinating and production required even to sit in a chair without falling or losing one’s surrounding and reality are astounding.
"If there are past traumas that you need to heal, consider getting some professional help. " There is NOBODY who can help you, in most cases.These are college trained idiots who are parroting things they memorized in order to graduate. NOBODY can help you through the loss of your child, only you and hopefully others of similar loss.
When you are scarred…you are scarred.
2 Keep busy. In fact keeping busy is the healer of the mind. Pull weeds. Raise tomatoes… Vacuum and wash windows.
Keep busy.
3 you actually do have time…followed up immediately with 4, you might not live til tomorrow.
Um, which is it???
5 Failure is pert of the plan. Well, yes, since we all die at the end of our movies! But the really isn’t a “plan” That’s just failing equipment as designed by happen-chance and evolution…and luck.
All we are doing is following codes embedded inside walking us through our reactions to the chaos and unknowable instances we see before us.
6 Life isn’t perfect. No, nor fair and balanced, as they say. In fact, life is cold as midnight in an arctic winter. Holocaust, anybody?
7 Do the things you love. Well, yes…IF you can or find time AFTER you done doing what you MUST do to live, eat and pay rent.MOST artist are starving, and although doing what they love, are doing it on the side.
8 You can’t rely on anybody but yourself.
Well, that is the life plan of the mountain men of the 1800. However, even they had to have the togetherness with similar kind to party, tell stories and share . We are a species in need of company support. We gather in villages and cities because we NEED each other. The days of the renaissance man are dead.Today we specialize and fill our needs through others.

But keep up the good work, I am sure you are providing assurances to those that follow such

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