Reducing Poverty into a set of Mathematical Codes

(Mel Saint) #1

I want to deconstruct poverty and reduce it into a purely mathematical topic. Finance seems to be the no. 1 concern of the modern world. Health comes 2nd. But the people are looking for money in the wrong ways. What if you just could just make money through a set of mathematical algorithm? Problem solved without all the drama and the fuss. The ontology of money has already evolved from being a currency backed by value to being a purely mathematical algorithm. FB Libra is one such example. Nowadays, it’s a race to create money out of thin air. It’s a race to become one’s Central Bank that print its own money. But money is not the be-all, end-all of everything, no matter how hard people worship it to be. There are still a lot of real world problems that begs to be answered. Example is Food Security in the midst of Overpopulation and Global Warming. The search for cure for AIDS, Cancer, Alzheimer’s. Money will be the capital to fund research on these topics but it certainly won’t end on money alone. But the people nowadays have become primitive, ruled by instinct and lust, like a stray dog who will just fuck in the streets whenever the dog feels like doing it.