Rudá Iandê explains the 6 key steps to living an authentic life

(Bill Ames) #21

The AI knows when a person is speaking based on poor knowledge. That is not a lie, just sales pitch.Also, if a person believes something and they talk about it they are not lying. At one point in time people said the sun was the center of the universe, they believed it, they were not lying. I view the world differently than most. I accept things like the speed of light or the results of the double slit experiment. Stuff like that. Most everything else is just opinions. I did develop an explanation for how the universe was created for use in my screenplay, but it works for me so i accept it. I am still working on why the universe was created and what purpose all the question askers living here and in the other trillion galaxies.

(ACD) #22

What is the center? Why not our sun? Why not our earth? Newtonian physics and Copernican astronomy are just two of many possible paradigms. Not many have heard of William Herschel or Friedrich Bessel.

(Rudá Iandé) #23

Hi @ACD ,
I’m mistrustful of every sort of shaman, guru or spiritual teacher, too. I only buy for truth what speaks to my reason and heart. In my opinion, scepticism is a neccessary tool for survival.
What you call a “product” I’m selling for salvation is actually a workshop which intends to bring new possibilities for people to explore themselves. I don’t put myself in the place of one who knows the ‘path’. It works helping people to question the collective and personal constructions rooted in their minds, so they can discern what really comes from them and what is external. Many of us suffer because we try to perform a psychological ‘program’ which is not aligned with our nature. I intend to give tools for people to discern what is what and to find some freedom to live their lives on their own way.
For 25 years I work with people in one one sessions or small workshops. I’ve dedicated my whole life to this and, as any other human being, I need food, clothes, shelter and many other things which cost money. I can’t afford to work for free. I’m not a guru trying to save the world, but just a man, doing my best and trying to make my life doing something positive.
It’s ok that you don’t trust me since you don’t know me, I just hope you also don’t judge me, so we can have more productive conversations, which can maybe enrich our both perspectives.

(Rudá Iandé) #24

Hi @Phyllida,
I believe this is the greatest human struggle: how to loyal to oneself while playing according the social rules which are so neccessary to our individual and collective survival.
I don’t know if you should change or not, but you can ask yourself if you’re achieving what you want, by communicating the way you do. If you’re aren’t, maybe that’s something to work on.

(ACD) #25

Thank you, Ruda. I like what you are doing. I do not like the way it is promoted on ideapod. I think it cheapens both. I am pleased to converse with you.

(Rudá Iandé) #26

Hi @BillAmes,
The expression “in truth” was not the most appropriate there. In my South American ignorance I thought it was a common term in English and not a declaration of omniscience. I don’t even know what ‘access to the truth’ is like. I believe we’re here trying to make some sense of this monster called life. What is true for me maybe isn’t for you and one single thing (or even an expression like “in truth”) can take different meanings according to who interprets.
I believe in questioning our own concepts always, to avoid crystallizing in the assumption of knowing the truth and miss the opportunity of keeping evolving our understanding.

(Phyllida Acworth) #27

Thanks Ruda, that is helpful. I do find I need to let off steam but complaining doesn’t achieve much else. Fortunately I have found someone I can talk to safely and who is giving me good advice on how to direct my efforts better. One thing he suggested was that I come up with solutions and suggest them so that, although the problem doesn’t necessarily go away and my solution isn’t necessarily accepted, I can use it for my own development. I do tend to blurt when surprised so I am not entirely out of potential trouble but I have something to go on.

(Bill Ames) #28

I have been very fortunate since I entered my creative period, about 5 years ago. I am now retired and am writing my science fiction screenplay. As part of that I had to determine how the universe and all its laws were created. I have done that. I am now working to explain consciousness. I am viewing the world from a perspective I learned starting in 1949 when I was six. Today we seem to have a lot of people who have not learned the skill to think. That is sad. The world of people can not make sense because we have over 7 billion ideas what the proper sense is. That is why I prefer my writing as I define what is right and proper. How many of those 7 billion do you need to fix to consider your life to be worth while? If people benefit from anything I may say, well, that is good. I have been saying many things to Justin with respect to ideapod. I expect to see many improvements. If you have any ideas on consciousness I am interested in hearing them.

(ACD) #29

In a search for “ruda” I get 19 results starting with one on 27 January at the bdginning of this year (2019) in which is stated the following: " I was barefoot and being lead by the shaman Ruda Iande." Since then, it has been a steady drumbeat of promotion.

(Bill Ames) #30

There is nothing wrong with promoting the ideas that you have. Some people do it better than others. As you can see I often offer ideas and feedback to the posters here so in a way I am promoting myself. I am here to engage in a conversation at nearly any time. Others who promote may not have the same purpose in life but at my age I must share. Some people are offering their product to a very specific clientele. The fish hook make focuses on the people who fish. Some who promoting focus one the most miserable lot of people, those ready to end it all, who have no purpose in life. When something does not apply to you it is best to not even mention it. You are not in need of Ruda’s wisdom, are you?

(ACD) #31

I like what Ruda is selling. I just don’t want to be pitched here.

(Bill Ames) #32

Here is not your place, you are just a visitor. Perhaps you would be out voted by others who like what he is selling here? There are some commercials on TV that are so bad I change the channel. You could leave here, but that would be your loss as there is a lot of brilliance illuminating the minds who stop by. Tell us what you have to offer? Life is an exchange, without that it will perish.

(ACD) #33

I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them, Sam I Am.

(Rudá Iandé) #34

Hi ACD, actually I think I understand you. I personally could never promote myself. 90% of my clientele comes by word of mouth. If you see my website: , you’ll that the content is informative, but designed to push sales. I believe in a kind of chemistry which exists in life, a kind of synchronicity, which brings the right people to the right place in the right moment. The few times I tried to push someone to do work with me, it didn’t work really well, because it wasn’t that person’s moment, it wasn’t their full initiative. I think it matter when it comes to personal work. We must be very cautious and respectful when it comes to the development of consciousness.
At the beginning of 2018, Ideapod has invited me to create an online work. I’ve accepted, first because I trust Justin’s intentions and loyalty. Second, because my in presence work is becoming too selective. As I’m no longer so young and don’t have the same energy of my 20’s and 30’s, I’ve had to restrict my work to small groups and only a few one x one clients. At the same time, I see a terrible phenomena happening in the world: the way our technology is being employed to program and enslave us and how much we’re getting disconnected from us selves, frustrated and robotized because of this.
Since we cannot just break down the system and go back to our ‘collectors and hunters cave men age’ (even if we could it would be a terrible idea), it seems that the only we can do is to employ the same tech and tools our kind have developed, to touch a broader audience and try to raise some self-consciousness. It’s all new for me and also for Ideapod. I’m not involved in any of the marketing strategies, but I would appreciate your ideas and suggestions.

(Rudá Iandé) #35

Would love to read some of your writing. Would send me some? My email is .
About consciousness I believe it’s important to distinguished self-consciousness (the awareness of existing as an individual) and cosmic consciousness. Although it’s essential, our self consciousness is a very limited faculty, created by our psyche. Cosmic consciousness is something different. Is a property of matter itself, present in every atom, connecting everything in one single ocean called LIFE. Self consciousness is like a husk, imprisoning a portion of the infinite and turning it in an individual, at least for a while.
I have had a few times when my self-consciousness really shut of, and I experienced Cosmic Consciousness (which is just a name I give to it, maybe the same thing as Holy Spirit, Samadhi or Tao).

(ACD) #36

Yes, the commercialization of this platform has been the elephant in the room from the beginning. I would be pleased to offer potential solutions.

(Bob Copeland) #37

Authenticity is an interesting question. Everything in the universe is built on patterns including us. We are an insecure species which makes us nervous about someone else if they aren’t psychologically or functionally similar to us. In addition, we’re born clueless, are dependent on parents who’ve had no proper training, thrown into situations that aren’t logical & best of all, people, life, philosophies, etc. are trying to dominate us due to their own insecurities. This is the universe’s authenticity. Consciousness is also an interesting concept which I can’t resist. Our brain interprets reality (consciousness). We’re a carbon based life form. We’re trying to develop robots which are a silicon based life form with a fully functional brain which interprets reality (consciousness). We’re a silicon based life form’s mom & dad which is no better or worse than our conception of our God which has given us, his, her, its’ image. In retrospect, it appears to me on an intellectual basis, that our God is highly insecure too which we’re passing on to our progeny the silicon based life forms. Since the Christian Bible says the flood was caused by our God because he, she, it was “displeased” the question arises as to what we’re going to do when our created silicon based life forms get out of hand.

(Bill Ames) #38

Interesting thoughts. I can agree with a lot, some I need to work on… Now, when the universe was created it was not without much thought. A design review was conducted, it consisted of evaluating what the universe would consist of using variations of the physical starting point and different values of universal parameters. The design was evaluated from the start using all possible permutations and combinations of physical elements until all had ceased to exist. A very long time. One of these reviews was acceptable and was used as the starting point for what we have now. Because so much in a physical universe is random the ultimate path is not known, all possible paths were observed. Questions?.

(Bob Copeland) #39

There’re always questions but none serious at the moment. Since I’m an addicted Sci – Fi addict & you’re writing a Sci – Fi novel I don’t want to spoil any of your proposed plots!!! I inadvertently asked whoever, whatever, designed this universe how she, he, it did it many years ago. He, she, it was either bored to tears from all the “praying”, worshiping & church building we do for this & that advantage, problem or otherwise was highly amused, but looking back on what passes for my “life”, it seems things are being revealed over clock time (t). It seems the universe is based on basic principles that are allowed to evolve (old evolution again) into things that are hard to grasp. Geez, I suddenly realized that maybe he, she, it is giving you a “gentle” plot push for your novel through me as I vaguely remember you’re having an adventure in that area. Anyway, I won’t tell anyone, if you use it!!! It’s a secret between you & I & several million Ideapod readers!!!