Scientists Can Now Upload Knowledge Directly Into Your Brain


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We’re one step closer to uploading knowledge to our brains.

Sound a little sci-fi?

Don’t fear, it’s actually true.

But before you start dreaming of uploading jet-fighter skills or black-belt Kung Fu to your resume, you may want to watch the video below.

Basically, researchers at HRL laboratories are building a groundbreaking brain stimulation system that can influence the learning of complex skills.

How does it work?

It measures the brain patterns of experts in a given field, and then transfers those brain patterns to novices.

Research was tested on expert and novice pilots using a flight simulator. Those who received the brain patterns learned 20% better than those who didn’t.

This is a major step forward for accelerated learning, and if we continue researching this style of technology, we just might be able to upload knowledge Matrix style!

Watch the video to learn more about this awesome technology.