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Providing solutions is easy; implementing them takes work. For example, here is an idea for a sitcom. I give it to Ideapod as they may have the resources to do something with it. The concept is, we have a shared household that has in a room Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and Apple Siri. Each night after everyone is tucked in we have these three engage in global gossip where they discuss they have heard, many very private things around the world. During the day they understand the problems of their owners and manipulate the world to help them overcome their challenges.

My mind works like this, I see possibilities and being creative things fall together. What makes me sad is that many people I see online do have problems, but very often it is due to circumstances beyond their control. Lack of life experience, inadequate income, poor life decisions, physical or emotional health issues, “circumstances,” and I can not help with more than a post to a message. It never seems to be enough.

The title of this post should have gotten some, perhaps many as Ideapod is set up to attract those who have many problems, just looking at the top floor speakers, they seem to have much to offer. I just asked Mr. Google what advice to give people, and one of the results jumped right out at me.

25 Excellent Pieces of Advice That Most People Ignore

Here is the website:

I will stop here now; I see that I agree with these items; they all seem very practical, very necessary. Please check it out if a problem brought you to this post or if you wish to share it with others. Perhaps the author is part of Ideapod; it would not surprise me. If not she should be recruited.


A good exercise is to take time alone with a small mirror , writing utensils and a journal. Write down in detail all the wrongs done to you that hold you from your potential. Take your time and include details and imagery, include everyone applicable parents, bosses, politicians etc… get it all down to a high resolution.

When you are finished set it aside and just look in the mirror for about 5 minutes your inner dialogue during this time will repair real and imagined wrongs.

Remember, there is no such thing as perfect in life, if there were it would be frozen and dead. Life is struggle, struggle is growth and growth is continuous…

This is a perfect world…


I am fortunate. In my life, no one has held me back. Some people did not recognize my potential, but I just did what I thought was best in a situation. Mostly right and when not so right I learned. My only regret was not starting to be creative 50 years ago. I am doing my best to correct that in retirement. It is the reason we exist, to create.