Study: Lower levels of brain activity in cognitive control and reasoning areas

(Bill Ames) #1

This implies that if you are having a discussion with people who have specific and strong beliefs that your “logic” may not register with them. Fortunately, an AI has no belief capability and will only apply data and logic to its task. No “the force is with you” for the AI manager, just house rules.

(Chris Lagos) #2

How could one not have lower cognitive function going on while contemplating the sacred.

This study is funny because you might say religion has killed so many, but science is the most likely to kill us all in a comparison of all isms.

There are folks right now, still trying to recreate the big bang, As if they knew what scale it was on.

I’m not saying science is a lesser value . We have many personality types, a few types can be scientists, most of us can’t, we need them, we also need artists , we need everyone. Saying a type of people have no utility is hubristic at best.