Study suggests atheists are more intelligent because they can override religious instinct


What do you mean by better? Better than what? How is one human going to be better than another human?



Improvement for humans comes in the form of that to which we refer generally as civilization, though this is a loaded term. In the context of this discussion, civilization is a more developed ability to search for what we are in relation to the source of our being.


DNA is focused on self improvement and if that helps others (or not) is incidental. We have not yet become a civilization, too many distractions.


DNA has volition? Civilization refers to nothing extant?


Yes, DNA made all the decisions based on what it experienced. AI is just another example of how creative DNA is. All of you is just hardware made by DNA to be used to gather the information that DNA needs to improve itself.


Can you explain: DNA made all the decisions?


Decisions are made all the time. Successful decisions result in better survival and thus the successful decision is retained and passed on. This is continuously repeated. You are an improved model of a human compared to what was around 100K years ago.


Define the decision. DNA makes a choice informed by values and preferences? Does DNA have a soul?


Makes a decision based on opportunity and need. In life we make choices like this every day with respect to risk or what to eat or drink. Do you have a soul?


How does DNA perceive and how does it judge? Have you read Tracy Kidder’s The Soul of a New Machine? It is pertinent to our discussion and your question.


DNA is like a very dedicated AI in biology and learns by trial and error, just like machine learning is trial and error. You asked if it had an soul. You have a lot of DNA and if it does, you do, if not? Now, do you have an soul?


DNA is a molecule. Apart from the cell and the organism, how can we say DNA perceives, judges, and decides? No more so than does a program of computer code. The soul inhabits the machine but is not the machine. Tracy Kidder’s The Soul of a New Machine refers to the creators of the Data General processor as having imbued their creation with a soul. Analogously, we are imbued with a soul by our creator. Other animals and plants also.


DNA is a molecule. Apart from the cell and the organism, how can we say DNA perceives, judges, and decides? Easy. You started out as some DNA in a pond 4 billion years ago, look in the mirror, how did you get so much different? Your DNA changed. How did it change? trial and error, just like the human race in the last 100k years. You say “Analogously, we are imbued with a soul by our creator. Other animals and plants also.” and I agree with that. Every cell in your body has DNA so it to must have the same soul.


I can go along with that.


“Recently, a theory has emerged which is causing a lot of scientists to look again at age-old religious concepts, and both video games and science fiction have provided a key part of this new model. This theory, the simulation hypothesis, is the idea that what we perceive as physical reality is actually a computer-generated simulation — like a super sophisticated video game, as depicted in the movie the Matrix.”

Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily merrily, merrily, merrily
Life is but a dream.


Darn, you figured it out. However it can be addressed by modifying the code to make reality not be a simulation. However it will not keep characters from speculation they are not real, that will just remind players they are real. Thank you for moving the game along. You gain 100 experience points.


When we see that DNA changes when we move to a new neighborhood we see that the DNA is who we are, it is the real human. It is aware we need to change, we can not do this as just a person, it is not like we move to a new town and can change who we are. Check out:


Just had a thought and wanted to record it. If we were to test DNA to see if it were sentient and if it could pass various tests we would have to allow sufficient time. Where a child my learn the stove is hot very quickly DNA may take a hundred thousand years to learn a lesson and modify its behaviour. But learn and react and remember it does. And over millions of years it has learned a lot and made significant changes. We know today how smart some animals are and that is because of their DNA. I wonder how smart the dinosaurs were.


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