Study suggests atheists are more intelligent because they can override religious instinct


If we have a situation of we are part of someones idea of reality, well, they are very unimaginative. We are so constrained by sets of physical laws, have a set of bones in the ground that are supposed to be where we originated. No PSI, short lives, C is a speed limit, only one God, if some how we are just a simulation it is being done by the most boring entity in the universe. I can imagine a universe or just share one with Joris, much more fun.


Come on, Bill, it’s not so bad here: and he saw that it was good.


Tell me which you prefer after you have met Joris.


Is Joris in the film you sent which I have viewed partially?


Joris is the kid in the hood living with the cat, he is about 7 here, the 50 or so other episodes, a different series, same characters, he is about 5, the image I sent shows him as he grows. He appears in Wakfu which is yet another story. There is much more to his character than is visible. He is a central character in the movie i gave you.