The archetypal thread

(Mark's Myth) #1

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Have you ever had that sensation when following a thread of interest, engaging oneself in a path woven of story, so ripe with possibilities… this is how I originally found my way into Ideapod. Justin and I reconnected yesterday. It had been three years since he left LA, about five years since we first met…

(Mark's Myth) #2

When we wander into mythOS much can be revealed.

From the collective conscious woven throughout time a tapestry appears.

What other stories carry the archetypal thread?

Here’s a weaving from Michael Meade…

"There is a story that keeps coming to mind as we experience the fires and floods of radical climate change at the same time as the painful effects of cultural upheaval. The Old Woman Weaves the World is a Native American tale known to many tribes and often told in times of fear and anxiety. When the story begins, the Old Woman has been weaving for a long time. She is nearing the completion of the most beautiful garment ever seen when suddenly the whole thing comes apart at the seams. Everything unravels so that where there had been beauty and order there was now nothing but confusion and chaos.

The most telling moment occurs as she contemplates the chaos of it all. She notices a loose thread nearby and as she picks up the thread a new vision appears before her. As suddenly as it had all fallen apart, a new design for the whole of creation begins to appear. The loose thread connects her to an inspired vision that includes both nature and culture and what now appears is even more beautiful than what she had been weaving before." continued…

(system) #3

(Mark's Myth) #4

The War on Sensemaking Clarion Daniel Schmachtenberger shares his insights… What can we trust? Why is the ‘information ecology’ so damaged, and what would it take to make it healthy?

This recent talk helps us to understand the threads of making meaning and sense of the world.

(Justin Brown) #5

Thanks @eleprocon, it was fantastic meeting on Saturday and having such great discussions about many different topics.

I’m also very excited about working on Ariadne and heading to Brazil soon with @Ruda.

This video on the war on sensemaking is really excellent. I’m about 2/3 of the way through it. What a brilliant mind.

(Mark's Myth) #6

When stories collide…

Sometimes it’s really difficult to let go of certain threads. Maybe that’s where the notion of bull headed came from…