The best way to engage with people here in the discussions area

(Justin Brown) #1

It’s really nice to see the engagement here on Ideapod Discussions starting to increase. I’m hoping as the community grows in size it can continue to be a place where we can explore ideas together.

We’ve got quite a few people that are reading the discussion topics without writing anything. This is fantastic. I learned from the previous version of Ideapod that about 95% of people will always be reading without writing anything.

Therefore, please know that if you are regularly contributing with the written word that there are many readers following what you’re writing. Please do continue to share your thoughts and express them in ways that help others to learn from what you know and are trying to share.

Also, one way for everyone reading this to engage is to share the :heart: button on the topics and replies. It helps to show that you appreciate what someone has written (even if you don’t agree with it). That’s how I’m using it. Another important point is that the replies and topics that get the most “likes” end up being shown around the main Ideapod website ( a bit more prominently.

Many thanks!

(Mel Saint) #2

It’s nice that you have the stats or the metrics to see who’s writing or just reading, or who’s commenting or engaging. Did the metrics improve from the previous version? Or did the engagement wane?

(Justin Brown) #3

We didn’t have the same level if metrics as we have now. Also, an issue was that the site was built in such a way that additional development was very difficult. This platform is much easier to develop with. Ideapod now has a more sustainable business model in place, so we can continue to invest in product development and hopefully continue to improve the experience for everyone.

(Bill Ames) #4

TBH, some posts are not helpful, yes, they are opinions, and I understand we really have a soapbox and all can be free to speak. I have not seen anyone like me posting here, why is that? I do not like to post my opinions, I save that for my screen play where I will find an appreciative audience. I did do some research on Philosophers and what their big ideas were. I found that they did not have access to the real world that we now have access to. They tried to explain things they did not or could not understand. QED, Black holes, the double slit experiment, spooky action at a distance, we are learning as we go now but we use science to explain. Perhaps you should add a topic “Science.”

(Justin Brown) #5

I don’t think every post needs to be helpful to everyone. As Ideapod Discussions evolves, I would imagine there will be a number of overlapping “micro communities”, rather than one big community.

(Bill Ames) #6

Being a micro community of 1 is not much fun, try to find science people like me.

(Boonn Hem) #7


I knew Justin was watching! :male_detective::female_detective:

(Chris Lagos) #8

I think a beneficial manner here is to avoid projecting authority figure . When one assumes an alpha role , the responder is in beta role which reductive to individual sovereignty. These roles manifest in situations like work or in emergency situation but are reductive to potential.