The courage to share ideas even when they're not fully formed or perfectly expressed

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Continuing the discussion from Creation mythology exploration:

I was reading @Csmith’s fascinating creation mythology exploration and came across an interaction within the discussion that really provoked my interest.

I think it’s relevant to any of us who want to share a thought or idea, but worry about being judged for it not being perfect.

@BillAmes called @csmith out on some grammatical errors in his writing. He suggested it would have been improved by using a tool like Grammarly.

Many of us encounter this issue. We have an idea we want to express. We want to capture it and mould it into a form that others can understand. But the process of capturing the idea and sharing it brings a whole host of challenges.

We don’t want to lose the inspiration so we rush through expressing it, but we end up expressing it in a way that is difficult to understand.

Other times we worry what people think about what we want to share.

@csmith responded very graciously to @BillAmes in the discussion :

He then reflected on why he was compelled to get his expression out of his head and into a form that others can read:

As Chris notes, he wanted to express his idea before he lost the motivation to share it. So he got it out of his head, even while knowing he was making some grammatical and stylistic errors while doing so.

He then went to explore the tool suggested by Bill and found it lacking:

I like how Chris has self-reflected and decided to continue writing as he has been doing. He has decided for “compulsion to write overriding known discipline.”

Brilliant. We’re so much the better for Chris having the courage to share his ideas even knowing they’re not perfectly expressed.

The #ideation category is a great place for people to journal their thoughts. Others in the community can help you build upon them by commenting, asking questions, sharing links to others resources, etc.

If anyone wants to turn their ideas into a published article on the main media site at, that’s great. Anything we publish there will be fully edited and turned into a form that can be read by a larger audience.

But this #ideation section here is a great place to share half-baked thoughts, getting them out of your head and into a place where others can help you out and work on our ways of thinking together.