The Dalai Lama on death (rare excerpt)

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We can all agree that the fear of death is the most fundamental fear that all humans face in their lives. We may try to forget our uncertainty as to what happens in the afterlife, but the fear is ever present, always just below the surface. What do Buddhists have to say about this wholly…

(Bob Copeland) #2

We were all born & some people recall they led former lives. Most of us don’t recall & the popular conception (pardon the pun) is that we originated the first time from angels. As far as death is concerned, I hate to think that I’ve been relatively nice & considerate to others & this is the end of the line or existence. Personally, I believe that we presently live in space based on limits (for instance, one thing in the exact same place at clock time (t)). When we die, I suspect we pass into units of time which lasts to infinity or forever & what various religions, philosophies define as heaven.

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(Bill Ames) #4

I saw a brief scene on the web where some bad things were happening. There was a religious person being asked why they were remaining in the area, and their response was riveting. As best I can remember, “If God permits me to die, I will die, if God permits me to live, I will live.”