The dark side of personality - we all have one, what is yours?

(Bill Ames) #1

Sometimes if you learn something you may not know what to do with that new bit of knowledge. If you learned how to pick a lock, would that make you a better person? That was just an example. What is in this article is much deeper than that, you may learn more about yourself than you wish to know.

(Chris Lagos) #2

Thanks for this post . This is definitely a worthy navigation . I think Carl Jung really was a pioneer to help us navigate the self . Coming to terms with the shadow is vital in development for mapping. I like the abstract mapping implied in the shadow.

If light shines at you , your shadow could reach a potential infinity , arriving at the single darkest possible pit . There , the shadow sees you what does it see ?
Light. Our potential is always out in front of us , like a golden snitch . Coming to map out our issues allows us to move beyond them . Thanks again .

(SUZ) #3

If you have Audible - Jungs works are in the 2 for 1 section at the moment :sunny:

(Chris Lagos) #4

Free audio books on you tube. Greg bodeen does a good job, I think.