The End of Times


Yesterday, we had a powerful earthquake in the Philippines. I was reminded again of what Jesus said in the Bible that there will be “signs of times”. I was talking with my brother and sister during Good Friday, how come celebrities (actors and actresses) show flesh and party during Good Friday when they are supposed to be praying and attending Mass. Instead they show their bikinis in Instagram. Can’t they just wait for Easter Sunday, to celebrate hedonism? Howard Sy, the grandson of Philippines richest man, is enjoying in Japan. Japan is not a Catholic country. It’s a Zen Buddhist or Shintoist country. While I was feeling guilty for not attending the annual traditions of Palm Sunday, Visita Iglesia, Salubong, these celebrities have no hesitation whatsoever for flaunting flesh and debauchery! So I believe that the earthquake yesterday was God’s reminder for us to repent and change our ways since the end is already near and Jesus will come again to judge the living and the dead! I was in Mall of Asia yesterday and that city is just a reclaimed land, meaning it was originally an ocean and anything the sea can eat the entire buildings there alive! And there were a lot of damages all over the Philippines. This is God’s way of punishing the immorality of the people.