The Peculiar Blindness of Experts


“One subgroup of scholars, however, did manage to see more of what was coming. Unlike Ehrlich and Simon, they were not vested in a single discipline. They took from each argument and integrated apparently contradictory worldviews.​”

“Tetlock and Mellers found that not only were the best forecasters foxy as individuals, but they tended to have qualities that made them particularly effective collaborators. They were “curious about, well, really everything,” as one of the top forecasters told me. They crossed disciplines, and viewed their teammates as sources for learning, rather than peers to be convinced.​”


This article is a wonderful argument for developing AIs that can see the big picture. People are much too biased and stubborn and not too bright. AIs will see it all and not be blinded.


Perfect example: Back to the Future movie. Yes we do have self lacing shoes, but not the flying cars. The most advanced technology that humanity has produced is just a folding phone. And the clock is ticking, WW3 is near. So we can be sure that flying cars or spaceships like those in Star Wars or Star Trek will never come into fruition.


AI is just based on the input of humans. Let’s say the algorithm of Netflix or Youtube. It will just throw whatever content that is related to what you have searched until it loops you in an infinite feedback loop.


Watch “Wakfu” on Netflix. Three seasons, watch them all in order.